Dustin Holloway And Fane Roberts | Route 69 | FalconStudios

Dustin Holloway and Fane Roberts get a motel for the night on ‘Route 69’. As best friends, they’ve always avoided sleeping together, but after a road trip filled with each of them sucking and fucking multiple strangers, they finally admit to having a secret desire to be together. Dustin makes the first move and takes down Fane’s pants where he finds that his buddy is hard as a rock. Dustin gets down to help Fane out with his hard-on and takes him all the way down his throat. Fane wants to satisfy his own curiosities and takes Dustin to the bed to get a taste of his best friend. The duo assumes the 69 position so that they can both suck all the dick they want. Dustin is determined to get Fane inside of him and rolls over to let Fane open up his ass with his tongue. After getting nice and loosened up, Dustin hops on and rides Fane, taking him as far inside as he possibly can. Fane wants a little more control and rolls his buddy onto his back where he can pump him just the way they both like it. Fane keeps up a steady pace until Dustin moans out, rolls his eyes to the back of his head, and pumps his load onto his own stomach. When Fane sees the pleasure that Dustin has just enjoyed, he pulls out and follows Dustin’s lead as his own cum squirts out and mixes with his buddy’s. It’s been a long road trip and once these two finally got together, they’re lives will be changed forever.

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