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Brother Angel Morales had found a special place within the Order. He does not understand the doctrine that defines his place in the sexual practices of this sacred all male priesthood. But he doesn’t mind. For him, he isn’t looking for anything beyond the sexual chemistry he develops with the missionaries.
And he is especially fond of Elder Stewart and Elder Berry.
An old tradition known as “adoption ceremony” seals younger men to older men. In doing so, the “sons” would be bound to each other, and then in turn the “sons” are collectively bound their “father.”
Although the doctrine is beyond him, Brother Morales participates in the adoption ceremony of each companionship he brings to the brethren. He is joined to the two young companions as brothers, and together the three are adopted to their father.
Patriarch Smith called Brother Morales to the temple once again for this sacred ordinance. He was instructed to have Elder Stewart and Elder Berry join him.
Brother Morales appeared in his best white shirt and tie, dressing the part of a Mormon member.
The young Mormon boys sat in the temple, awaiting their instructions.
Patriarch Smith explained that this ceremony required that the missionaries be penetrated, in this case by the man who would claim them as their brother.
The boys perked up, excited by the notion of any kind of submission, happy for it to be either of the other men in the room.
The patriarch brought Angel close to him and prepared him for his part in the ceremony. Smith undressed Angel, unknotting his tie and removing his crisp, clean shirt.
Brother Morales’ body was smooth, muscular, and tan; well developed and strong. Smith intended to have his chance to adopt this handsome man, along with his young recruits, in a ceremony he had performed many times before.
With a simple nod, Elders Berry and Elder Stewart were invited to participate. The two kissed as they watched the older men, fondling each other as they become more and more excited.
Angel resumed taking off his clothes, revealing his foreign, non-Mormon underwear. Patriarch Smith was visibly excited by this.
The Patriarch continued to run his hands over Angel’s torso, feeling the heat from his body as the muscular young man’s heart raced. He pulled his underwear down past his bulging dick and firm, full ass.
As the colorful garment slipped down, his thick, tan cock and heavy egg-sized balls were fully revealed. Patriarch Smith knelt down momentarily, peeling off his underwear, pants, and socks past his thick, muscular thighs.
Turning to the silver bottle by his side, Smith pumped out some consecrated oil, massaging it onto Angel’s strong frame. Wrapping his arms around his waist, Smith reached out to his cock to feel its heat and size, cupping and playing with his balls, feeling them swell in his palm.
“Alright elders,” Patriarch Smith said, looking at the young boys kissing and groping each other. “Come over and help me anoint Angel.”
Stewart and Berry caressed their friend’s body, feeling his smooth skin and well built chest. Angel closed his eyes and got lost in the feeling of the three sets of hands touching him all over. The boys grabbed hold of his big dick and stroked him, feeling his shaft fully erect.
Patriarch Smith could tell from the glistening tip of Brother Morales’ cock head that it was time for the elders to receive their new “brother.” Smith instructed that Angel proceed in claiming the two boys.
The boys sat back while Angel slowly undressed them. Patriarch Smith looked on, becoming more and more aroused at the sight of this handsome young man asserting himself on the two boys. He loved seeing how they lusted after their dark-haired daddy.
And why wouldn’t they? Angel was tattooed, adventurous, unapologetically sexual, and not repressed by any Mormon background. He wasn’t the clear daddy-type that the other leaders were, but he had a power over them that was undeniable. As he stripped them, they lovingly touched him, rubbing against him, feeling his body press against their garment-clad genitals.
Angel pulled down Elder Berry’s underwear, freeing his hard cock and body for him to see and tease. The muscular man took pleasure in devilishly exciting the young boys, making their bodies tremble at his touch.
He soon moved over to Elder Stewart, whose enormous boner was begging to be released from its cotton prison. Pulling it out, Angel was reminded at the impressive tumescence of the boyish Mormon. It seemed about as big as the boy himself. He leaned in to taste it, feeling it’s warmth and silky smooth skin. He guided Elder Berry over, having him continue to service the boy’s large cock.
Angel moved himself up to Stewart’s face, kissing him before moving his mouth down to his sensitive, erect nipples. Angel’s gentle sucking shot a pulse of excitement through Stewart’s body, exciting his cock, which Berry could feel as he continued to bob his head up and down on his thick member.
As arousal built, Angel removed Stewart’s garments completely and he positioned him on all fours on the flattened daybed. Berry stroked his cock, anxious to see his companion fucked by Angel’s thick dick.
Taking deep breaths, the sweet-faced Elder Stewart braced himself against the edge of a cushion, feeling his body open wide as Angel pushed his fat cock inside his tight hole. Angel let out an audible moan as he felt his member fill the hot ass of his young partner.
He got lost in the warm, velvety hole, grabbing onto Stewart’s small shoulders for leverage as he pushed his dick harder and further into him, feeling the pressure build in his balls. He had to be careful not to cum too quick. He knew as soon as he was done with him, he’d be on to fucking Elder Berry as well…

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