Elder Berry, Elder Stewart And Angel | THE SEALING | MormonBoyz 

Stroking his cock while he watched Brother Morales pull out of his companion, Elder Berry quickly shot his loadover his tight torso, unable to contain his excitement. Elder Stewart had just been fucked by their sexy older friend and Elder Berry was fortunate to have a front row seat to the whole thing!
As Elder Stewart was given his leave by Patriarch Smith, Elder Berry calmly tried to regain his breath from his own physical exertion. However, to his surprised delight, he barely had a chance to wipe the cum off his body before Brother Morales pushed his cock inside him.
Even though he had just pumped out a load into Elder Stewart, he was ready to fuck the sweet boy’s companion. As part of their adoption ceremony, each boy had to get fucked by Brother Morales, and Berry’s turn had come.
Angel ran his hands over Elder Berry’s fit, jock body as he placed him into position. On all fours with his ass up, Angel could see the boy’s hungry, pink hole staring back at him, begging to be filled.
Angel’s chiseled body still glistened from the hot sweat he’d earned from fucking Elder Stewart. As he began to grind his crotch into Berry’s backside, the lingering lubrication of cum and perspiration made it easy for his thick, tan cock to slide into the willing ass of the horny young man.
Brother Morales couldn’t believe how good the young man felt wrapped around his cock. Even though he’d just cum, he felt completely recharged by his desire to dominate the young elder and claim him as his own.
With a hand on either side of his hips, Angel pumped his girthy member in and out of Berry’s hole, relishing the moans he pushed out of him. As Elder Berry’s hole got hotter, Angel pushed deeper, getting further inside him.
Angel’s eyes focused on his young companion as he felt his heavy nuts slap against Elder Berry’s ass. Fully penetrating him, he let himself loose and began to fill his ass just like he knew his boys needed. Mounting him like a wild animal, he increased in his intensity, feeling his own desire to cum resurface.
Each thrust was so powerful that it forced Elder Berry off the edge of the daybed. He grabbed on to the floor and the cushions for support, trying desperately to maintain some form of traction for his master.
Seeing the boy’s struggle (and admiring his determination), Brother Morales brought him back up on the daybed, placing him on his back with his legs up in the air. He laid on top of him, pushing his cock inside with the full weight of his body, and began to jackhammer his way to climax once again. He wanted to be able to stare his young mate in the eye as he blew his load, cementing in his mind who he belongs to…

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