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Elder Farnsworth was familiar with the Order long before his previous meeting with President Oaks.While most inductees are first told of the secret society through clandestine encounters with the priesthood leadership, Elder Farnsworth had been groomed for his initiation for years.
As he had done with many others, President Ballard had identified his nephew as a strong candidate for entrance into their fraternal order. He was more than willing to conduct the young man’s initiation, although he had been informed of his porn addiction by the other leaders of the organization.
Sex wasn’t necessarily off-limits to their ranks. Though, like all Mormons, they had specific requirements about when and how it was done. The Brethren were not happy that he was defiling his body by looking at porn and masturbating.
They preferred that he keep himself pure…that is, until they wanted to have their way with him.
Elder Farnsworth wasn’t unaware of their principles, but that didn’t stop his urges from popping up all over the place. As guilty as he felt, the only thing he thought he could do was continue to try and hide his addiction and lie to his priesthood leaders.
The day came when he was called into the temple to meet with President Ballard. He was brought in by two other members of the the church whom he’d recognized as part of the Order. They instructed him to remove all of his clothing and put on a temple shield.
He did so obediently. He was excited, knowing that he’d likely get the chance to release his pent up cum load, but nervous knowing that he’d be seeing his uncle. He’d admired and fantasized about the man for as long as he could remember, but the two had never been physical with each other. He often wondered what that experience would feel like, and he got the sense that he may soon find out.
As he entered a bright, white chamber, he saw his uncle in a white suit standing beside a stool and a tray of consecrated oils. The scruffy man looked incredibly handsome, full of power and authority. As he walked up to him, he could feel his cock begin to stiffen, growing in anticipation of what would happen.
President Ballard began his anointing ritual, displaying no outward signs of arousal or familiarity. He was all business, which only turned Elder Farnsworth on more.
He rubbed oil over his body, starting from his head and down his torso. Elder Farnsworth’s spine tingled with a pleasant sensation as the man gently ran his fingers over him.
Pushing aside the back drape of his shield, President Ballard was able to get a full view of his nephew’s soft, perky bubble butt. Breaking from his recitations, he lingered his hands on and around the ass cheeks of the naked boy, caressing him with his oily fingers. He’d seen the boy’s butt plenty of times, but he’d never had the chance to really explore it.
Removing the shield entirely, President Ballard took a good look at his nephew’s smooth, athletic body before he continued about the business at hand.
As he moved his hands down the torso of Elder Farnsworth, he allowed himself the opportunity to take the boy’s cock in his hands. He fooled around with him, watching his nephew’s balls move between his fingers. He stroked the boy’s shaft, feeling it begin to fill out. Pumping some oil out on his palms, he took his erection in his grasp and stroked him, pleasuring the boy as he moved in for a kiss.
Elder Farnsworth felt himself rush with desire for his uncle. He loved how the sexy man tasted in his mouth, teasing his tongue with his own. The bristles of his beard gently brushed against his full lips as he moved in and out of each kiss.
Guided by his uncle, Elder Farnsworth took a seat on the stool, giving his uncle the opportunity to lean in and suck on the boy’s hard cock. Cupping his balls in his fingers, President Ballard lovingly kissed and licked the shaft and head of his young companion, feeling him grow in his mouth.
President Ballard kept his mouth on him as he began to undress, removing his jacket and tie as he sucked on his nephew. With each removed item, Elder Farnsworth got harder and more excited. He couldn’t believe he was getting a blowjob from his uncle!
Before he could get too comfortable, President Ballard turned him around, bending him over the stool and planting his furry face in his ass. Elder Farnsworth could barely handle how amazing it felt to have his uncle’s tongue his ass crack, feeling him savor and devour every piece of him. He looked back, catching him in time to see him fully remove his garments and reveal his strong, muscular body.
As his hole was wet and slick with saliva, President Ballard delicately pressed his thick fingers against his ass slit, feeling it give way to the size and pressure of touch.
Both men now were hungry to fuck. President Ballard wanted to get a feel for the inside of his nephew and Elder Farnsworth was just desperate to cum! Bringing him close for one more kiss, the sexy daddy felt his nephew’s desire pulsate from his flesh, giving him the sign that it was time.
Taking some oil to the end of his beer can thick cock, he took special care to make sure Elder Farnsworth was ready to be spread apart. He placed him on all fours, positioned such that he could look directly into his tight, warm hole. He pressed his oily thumb inside the young and stroked his big dick, listening to the soft moans of his horny nephew.
Then slowly and carefully, he brought the head of his cock to the boy’s ass. With a gentle push, he could feel the insides of Elder Farnsworth yield to the girth of his big dick.
The hot, wet feeling of the boy’s hole sheathed him completely as he managed to squeeze inside. Elder Farnsworth closed his eyes and clenched his teeth as this huge member managed its way in; but as soon as he took it all, he felt only the amazing pleasure as his uncle’s cock pushed right up against his throbbing prostate.
As his hole relaxed, Elder Farnsworth’s fantasy began to materialize as President Ballard began to fuck harder. This boy was eager to feel him shoot a load deep inside him…

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