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Elder Lund wasn’t having the easiest time with his introduction to the Order. The circumstances of his calling left him feeling powerless and aimless, desperate for anything to help him make sense of it all.
Never having had a desire for men, it was awkward and humiliating to be forced to suck the cocks of his priesthood leaders–not to mention be fucked and inseminated. Fortunately for him, Elder Lund’s companion, Elder Gardner, knew the struggles he was dealing with.


Mormons typically talk through their confusions and frustrations with their companions during their inventory time, but the sex they have with each other and with their leaders is not to be discussed with anyone.
Elder Gardner spilled the beans about the Order early into their companionship.
He was punished for doing so, but as a result the two boys have since been able to confide in one another.
Elder Lund watched as his companion became more confident, standing stronger and more sure of himself as time went by. He couldn’t be sure, but he thought it had everything to do with his interactions with the men of the secret priesthood order.
Elder Gardner kept his promise to not share the secrets of the temple, as such never divulged details about the subsequent initiation rites he went through. Nevertheless, the boys were well past the point of pretending they weren’t insanely attracted to their older leaders, and although this was deeply confusing for Elder Lund, he and Elder Gardner spent hours talking about it during their private moments.
Before long, the two were bonded closer and closer, talking about their pasts, their thoughts about what had become their deepest secret, and even cuddling in bed together during these long late night conversations.
They really had become good friends and relied on one another for some sense of stability during their tumultuous journeys.
Something different happened following Elder Gardner’s most recent trip to the temple. Elder Lund knew he was going to meet with the older men who had fucked him hard and couldn’t help but fantasize about it over and over. Once Gardner returned, Lund was desperate to know what had happened and begged him to tell.
Gardner was true to his word and would not give details. What he did say sent Lund’s mind racing. He was certain he’d been fucked and bred. Part of him was curious because he hoped he would face similar meetings in the future, but an increasingly bigger part of him was turned on by the idea of his companion being fucked.
Their late night conversations became more and more sexual, until one night Elder Lund couldn’t contain his arousal. His mind was a mess of carnal desires, confusion, and guilt that he found himself unable to resist throwing himself at Elder Gardner.
The two kissed each other, caressing each other’s bodies and rubbing their erections through their garments. Their passions ignited and before they knew it, Elder Lund had Gardner’s legs up over his shoulders. He pulled off the boy’s garments and was inside him before Gardner had time to react.
This was the only time he’d ever wanted to act on his desire for men. And he didn’t know what it meant for himself or his mission, but it felt right. He connected with Elder Gardner in a very powerful way and placed so much of his trust in him. It was just such a relief to have someone he could be open to that it overrode all his previous sense of sexuality.
Days later, the two boys were alone in the apartment. Elder Gardner was coming out of the shower and preparing himself for bed. It wasn’t particularly unique or noteworthy, except that Elder Gardner’s HUGE dick was out in the open and seemed enticing in a way that Elder Lund could not describe. He wanted it in his mouth. He wanted it to fill him up.
Moments early Elder Lund was caught up in the peacefulness of their little home. As he watched Gardner towel off in front of him, he admired his lean, strong body, impressive cock, and newfound sense of security. There was a long silence that attracted Gardner’s attention and he looked inquisitively at his companion.
“What?” he has asked playfully, curious to see what was on Lund’s mind.
“Nothing. I just–I’m really glad that I have you as a companion in all this. That’s all.”
Elder Gardner smiled, dropped his towel and began to put on his garments. “I’m happy, too.”
There was another silence with a lingering look from Lund, prompting Gardner to ask again, “What?”
“Well… I can’t stop thinking about went on between us.”
“…You want to do it again?” Gardner asked, his eyes brightly focused on Lund, his genitals swelling at the thought.
“Well, yeah. Can we?”
“Of course.”
“Except… this time… can you be on top?”
Elder Gardner made his way across the room and leaned into Elder Gardner. His cock was already hard beneath his garments as he lied down beside him in bed. The two boys kissed each other, holding each other tightly but softly. Their bond as so intimate now, so tender, that they couldn’t help but love one another deeply.
Gardner began to take off Elder Lund’s clothes, stripping him out of his shirt and pants down to his garments. Lund couldn’t explain why but he loved the feeling of being to skin to skin with him. Their soft legs hairs pressed against each other as they planted themselves firmly together, kissing and touching and caressing with nothing between them but their sheer white underwear.
Elder Lund could hardly keep his eyes off his companions massive erection. The size and girth of it seemed to match nearly that of his own wrist. He wanted to feel it in his hands and hold it tightly in his grip.
Elder Lund took of Gardner’s clothes with the enthusiasm and speed that he had before. Within second, he was gazing upon his freshly showered naked flesh, lightly covered in golden hairs and writhing with desire. He was so sexy and all his.
Elder Gardner took off Lund’s clothes as well, stripping him down to join him in his playful nudity. Their hands fell between their legs, rubbing their hard cocks and kissing harder and deeper than before. Their hearts pounded in their chests, echoing between their thin bodies, nearly audible to another as they pressed close together.
Elder Gardner got up from the bed and placed himself over his companion, arching his body on top to bring his mouth to Lund’s hard cock. He sucked him passionately as Elder Lund, too, took the boy’s erection on his tongue. They locked themselves together, taking one another down their throats, getting their cocks good and wet from oral service.
Gardner let his heavy balls hang low over Lund’s face as he slowly pumped his boner in and out of his mouth. He wanted to fuck him so bad and was excited to be given the chance. For so long his ass had been opened and fucked by the handsome men of the Order and he’d longed to feel the satisfaction of cumming inside a hot hole.
Feeling his cock sufficiently wet, he turned around to face his companion. He looked down and see the wide eyes of Elder Lund look up at him. He smiled and kissed him, licking some stray saliva from his lips before twisting his tongue around Lund’s.
Then, with the same hunger and desire Lund had showed him before, he took the boy’s legs and threw them up over his shoulders. With the boy’s ass placed just right, he ran his big, veiny cock over the boy’s hole. He watched as Lund’s eyes closed and rolled in his head. He wanted him badly and he was eager to please.
With that, Elder Gardner pressed his cock against the boy’s hole and felt his sphincter slowly open to take him. It was searing hot on the tip of his dick and tighter than he imagined it would be. He caressed his companion’s legs and eased himself inside, carefully letting Lund’s body decide the pace of his entry.
The two boys locked their eyes on each other, as if communicating their trust and bond while they connected physically deeper and deeper. Before long, Elder Lund felt the hilt of Gardner’s cock press against his ass and realized: he had taken him completely.
It was a powerful, emotional experience that seemed to linger forever. He could have stayed like that for hours. But Elder Gardner knew this boy wanted more. He kicked his thrusts into gear, slow and low at first, giving Lund the sensation of having his prostate gently pounded over and over.
Lund’s expression changed from contentment to that of a hungry bottom desperate for cock. Gardner smiled again and pushed himself deeper and harder. He wanted to fuck and wanted to cum. And he knew that before the night was over, he and his companion would be closer on even a biological level… with the boy containing his deeply planted seed…


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