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Elder Gardner was focused as he tied his tie. He tried calming himself in the mirror but couldn’t stop thinking about his journey down the priesthood stretcher.
He understood that it had been a punishment for having shared the secrets of the Order, and he wanted to atone. Bishop Angus and President Ballard oversaw his atonement, but the punishment had been intensely erotic.


Mentally he would have gone the distance, start to finish. But he became intensely aroused and this confused him. Physically things were happening that were out of his control and ultimately his body could only handle so much.
Both men were patient with him and coached his progress, but ultimately saw his limits. Failing to complete the stretcher meant, of course, the men took turns fucking his weary hole.
Afterwards, Elder Gardner wanted more than ever to earn their trust and love.
The Brethren had strict rules, but were not known to harbor resentments or punishments for long–especially on those who are truly committed to the mission of the Order.
Angus and Ballard had long forgiven him, even before his defeat on the stretcher.
They knew how much he wanted their approval and it swelled their hearts to see it. But it also made other parts swell as well. And with this, they knew that the boy’s guilt would push him to go further. Bishop Angus took the lead and called Elder Gardner back to the temple.
The boy’s hands were shaking even when arrived, long after his trial in the mirror. He didn’t just worry he’d be punished more, he felt deep down that he had to be. He held his head high as he entered, presenting himself according to the standards he’d been given, but deep down, he wanted to hang his head in shame.
Bishop Angus could see the boy’s consternation and felt obliged to relieve him of his torment. This boy didn’t need to be played with. He needed to be loved. Cared for. Held.
The handsome muscle bear walked right up to him and wrapped his arms around him, giving him the biggest, warmest hug he could. He could practically feel Gardner’s body unravel as he did, giving him permission to drop his tension.
He looked at the boy’s worried eyes, smiled, and kissed him softly. Their lips met and their mouths reacquainted with one another. Within seconds, Gardner’s timidity faded away and his joy made him passionately kiss the older man back. He was so relieved and so desperate to show his love.
Bishop Angus made quick work of undressing him, kissing him all while he unknotted Elder Gardner’s tie, unbuttoned his shirt, and removed his pants.
Gardner’s erection was an impressive sight for the bishop. He’d seen it before, but every time it amazed and amused him. He felt a bit of pride in himself that he could inspire so many inches to stand at attention. He reached out and touched it over the textured surface of the boy’s exposed garments.
In a sudden burst, Angus wrapped his arms around the boy’s waist, running his hands beneath the waistband of his garments, moving his fingers and palms over the soft curvature of his butt. It was so smooth and soft and seemed to fit the geometry of his hands perfectly. He moved them up and down slightly, feeling them mold to his force, stealing grazes of the boy’s hole with his finger tips.
The older man stepped back and began to take of his own clothes, layer by layer unburdening himself of the vestiges of his formal attire. Once he was stripped down to his nakedness, Elder Gardner wrapped himself around his broad, muscular body as tightly as he could, as if getting closer to him would grant him absolution.
Angus smiled and felt the boy’s monster cock hard against him. He reached down into the boy’s shorts and pulled it out. He held it firmly in his hand, stroking it up and down as he leaned in to kiss his good boy.
It wasn’t long before Angus felt that his own needs demanded attention. He pulled off the boy’s garments, leaving him naked and horny before him. He guided him to a couch nearby and bent him over sofa’s length. Gardner’s hands reached forward as his back arched and his ass rose high in the air.
Bishop Angus’s eyes went wide and he had to wipe his mouth slightly to catch the rush of saliva on his tongue. He pounced down on the boy’s ass, feasting on his hole like he was biting into a fresh piece of fruit.
His strong paws first just cupped the boy’s cheeks as they had beneath his garments, but now fully open to him and pressed against his face, he was compelled to pull them apart, nearly tearing open the boy’s hole to get his tongue in him deeper. He could taste him at his most vulnerable and most giving and couldn’t get enough.
As he continued to gorge himself on boy butt, the force of his rimming was so strong that Elder Gardner was pressed down flat. His moans were only slightly muffled by the couch cushions, building louder and more intense as Angus masterfully licked him deep.
Angus became more and more aroused by him as his tongue forced out the sweet melody of his moans. He leaned up and brought Gardner’s mouth to his. The boy could taste the nectar of his hole on the man’s tongue. The cocktail of his saliva and boy juice was intoxicating and made him eager to be fucked. As if by instinct, the boy’s back arched so that his hole pressed against the tip of the man’s cock.
Bishop Angus was on the same page. It was time. He’d been a good boy and done what was asked of him. It was time he be ordained into the order.
Angus lifted the boy up by his waist, positioning him on all fours. He looked down at the glistening sight of his pink hole in front him, as if it were calling out to him for penetration.
With a soft, gentle push, Bishop Angus’ large, powerful frame moved slowly toward Elder Gardner. As soon as he made contact, he could hear a soft exhale from the eager Mormon as his hole relaxed perfectly to take him. Without any struggle or resistance, Angus made his way inside him as smoothly as blade into a scabbard.
He held himself there for a moment, balls deep in the young boy, feeling his ass pulsate around him, quivering and trembling with excitement and yearning. This was the moment Gardner would be forever a part of the Order.
As with all ceremonies, the only thing left was to seal him with seed. Angus pumped his cock in faster and harder, feeling the walls of the boy’s body cling to his shaft, milking him of his load. He knew he was going to fill the boy up right and make him part of their spiritual family…


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