Elder Gardner | SECOND ANOINTING | MormonBoyz

President Ballard stood the boy up, grabbing his cock and feeling the tip sticky with pre-cum. Kissing him again, he lead Elder Gardner from the initiatory chamber to another room, bright white with a large altar. It was covered with a white cloth, and stood in the center of what felt like a sacred shrine.
President Ballard undressed himself, stripping off his white clothes and garments to reveal his muscular body and thick cock again.


Elder Gardner looked on in awe at the naked man. He’d been thinking about it ever since it first slipped between his cheeks… the burning pain as it broke him in and the stretching feeling as it pushed him open more than he thought possible.
Ballard once again wet the tip of his cock, teasing it against the boy’s well-eaten hole, feeling it practically open on its own to take him inside. He could tell his ass was hungry for him, and that pushed him over the edge.
Bending his knees slightly and pushing up, he made his way back inside the horny boy, giving him a second feeling of ecstasy.
It hurts less this time, but it was still a challenge for him. This time around, Gardner instinctively moved back and forth on the man’s large member, desperate for him to fuck the cum out of his tight little boy butt…


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