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Bishop Angus watched as the Elder Gardner came into his office. It was part of the boys’ regular routine to meet with the priesthood leadership and to discuss all that was going on during their mission.
Usually the conversations center around fellowship and P-Day activities and how they’re getting along with their companions. As a member of the Brethren, Angus knows all what transpired between Elder Gardner and President Ballard.
Elder Gardner was clearly nervous and unsure of what to do, still somewhat shaken by his previous one on one meeting.


Not only did he show his desire for men to the invasive president, but he showed himself more of his secret lust than he was used to letting out. He’d always practiced being a good Mormon boy and denying himself those thoughts and fantasies.
But everything changed when his erection was firmly in the grip of President Ballard. At that point, he could no longer deny what he wanted most.
“Take of your clothes,” Bishop Angus told the Gardner, watching him closely for his response.
Gardner did as he was told, not wanting do anything that could get him in trouble with the older man, unaware of the lascivious nature of the request. Still, it was clear on his face that he was still thinking back to his last undressing and the result of that act.
“Don’t be nervous,” Angus spoke up, discretely running a hand on his swelling crotch as the young boy continued to peel off layer after layer of clothing.
Once Gardner was down to his garments, the beefy bishop told him to come close to him.
Bishop Angus wasted no time in fondling his genitals, running his meaty hands between his thin legs to his delicate crotch.
Gardner tried to suppress his excitement, but Bishop Angus was more attractive that he prepared for. Standing before him with his pants down, his body betrayed his secret and his large erection quickly stole the powerful man’s attention.
“You’ve got a big one here,” Angus smiled at him, slipping his hand into his garments without any hesitation and wrapping his fingers around the boy’s firm shaft.
Elder Gardner felt incredibly embarrassed at first, once again showing his full arousal to a member of the priesthood. But Bishop Angus’ unrelenting touching and groping soon gave him something stronger to focus on than shame: total submissive pleasure.
Angus then pulled down the boy’s garment bottoms as he instructed Gardner to remove his top. Without any coverings, he could see just how massive the young boy’s cock was. It seemed so out of place on his tiny, youthful body to have such a man’s piece.
Bishop Angus leaned down to take Gardner’s member into his mouth, feeling it’s intense heat and soft, smooth skin. He could practically feel the boy’s heart pumping hard from the tip of his penis. His pulse only increased as the head moved further back into the bishop’s throat.
Standing from his chair, Bishop Angus stood to meet his gaze with the naked boy. He took his penis into his hand, stroking him gently as he moved in to kiss him.
Elder Gardner loved feeling his scratchy beard brush against his lips. He couldn’t believe how sexy he was in his dress shirt and tie. Without realizing it, his hand moved to the older man’s crotch, feeling the hard, compressed erection the man was concealing.
Seeing the boy go from caution to passion, Bishop Angus removed his clothing, giving the boy a sight of the broad, muscular frame his crisp white shirt was hiding. Elder Gardner watched the older man strip down to his garments as a drop of pre-cum slipped out the head of his cock.
“Down on your knees,” Bishop Angus whispered to him, standing proudly in his garments with his hard cock poking through.
Elder Gardner lowered himself down, bringing his face close to the massive cock beneath the sheer fabric. It was larger than any he’d seen. Thick as a can and supported by two egg-sized nuts. As he got closer, he could smell it’s masculine musk. It made his mouth water and his head began to swim with erotic thoughts.
“You want that in your mouth?” Angus asked, seeing the boy’s expression become one of hunger and desire.
Elder Gardner nodded, almost as if begging for a treat just out of reach. Bishop Angus smiled and brought the shaft of his penis out from the front slit in his bottoms. He placed a hand on the back of the boy’s head, leading him gently closer in on his member. Elder Gardner took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and felt the man’s massive cock past his lips and rest on the top of his tongue.
It was a heady experience. Feeling the bishop’s penis in his mouth was surreal and amazing. He’d gotten a taste of President Ballard, but didn’t think that could ever happen again. Feeling this again, he came to appreciate it even more. He loved the way it moved inside him. He knew he shouldn’t, but he couldn’t help but want even more.
Bishop Angus removed his shirt and shorts, pulling his cock out of the boy’s mouth for just a second. Long enough to lean down and kiss him before he planted Gardner’s lips back down on his penis.
“Stand up,” Angus ordered, watching the boy’s eyebrows furrow as he stopped sucking. Gardner didn’t want to stop, but knew he had to obey.
Angus then positioned the boy in front of his desk and lied him down on his back, grabbing at his erection and stroking it gently. Gardner’s hips arched upward with each tug as if he was being pulled by the root of his body.
After teasing pre-cum out of the boy like he was tapping a maple tree, he ordered the boy to turn around all fours, placing him just right so his legs were spread and his hole was exposed.
Bishop Angus loved seeing a fresh, unmolested boy hole presented before him. He ran his fingers over it before getting it good and wet with his saliva. He spit rather than licked, wanting to slowly introduce the boy to this new form of pleasure.
His fingers teased and probed his backside, running between the tiny opening. Elder Gardner followed the bishop’s coaching and guiding, listening carefully to his words as he instructed him on how to receive his digits into his body. It was just gentle penetration, but it was the first time he’d felt anything make its way inside him.
Elder Gardner’s dick hung hard and heavy between his legs as Bishop Angus continued to warm up his eager hole. With his back arched and his hole presented high, he felt himself yearn for more.
“Turn around and lay on your back,” Angus said, patting the boy’s butt in a very paternal manner.
Gardner did as he was told, feeling his back press against the cold desk. Within an instant, he felt the hard, warm cock of Bishop Angus press against his virgin hole, building up pressure as the muscle daddy moved fractionally closer and closer.
Soon, the Angus’ cock was placed so firmly against his hole that he felt the pop of his ass as it pushed past his sphincter. In that second, he knew he was forever changed. He had the man’s cock deep inside him… and he loved it.


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