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The knock on the door was louder than he expected. Elder Gardner had been told to undress completely, shedding even his sacred garments, to put on the sacred temple robe, and crawl through a hall that narrows down to an absurdly small space.
He was told to wait at the end by a tiny door. He was to wait until he heard a knock.
It seemed strange, but no stranger than having a senior priesthood authority tie you down and jerk you off. Nothing about his mission was going as he’d expected it to, but he couldn’t say he was upset about it.


Even as he crawled on hands and knees, he knew he should feel humiliated, but the only thing he could feel was excitement. His years of Mormon upbringing taught him to keep it placed well inside, but he knew that whatever was on the other side of the door was yet another unpredictable and thrilling journey toward his full induction into the Order.
After the knock finished its booming echo through his dark, narrow corridor, he pushed open the tiny door and moved into the chamber beyond the door.
Standing beside him as he made his entrance was President Ballard, dressed in all white, hands folded in front, wearing a thin pair of glasses and white suspenders.
Gardner had hoped that he would be seeing him again. President Ballard was in his dreams at night and his fantasies during the day.
Not only was President Ballard incredibly sexy and had a cock as thick as his wrist, he was instrumental in bringing him out of his sexual shell. Were it not for his guiding words and hands, he’d still be focused on nothing more than his limited understanding of the church. Ballard gave him a more exciting mission: joining the men of the secret fraternal order.
Ballard made quick eye contact with the young boy. There was a sparkle in his eye that suggested he was just as happy as Elder Gardner was to see him.
The older man lead the boy to the center of the room, where Gardner somehow missed seeing a giant, king-sized bed. He knew the sight of Ballard must have been a powerful distraction, as there was nothing else in the room.
“Kneel and face me,” Ballard said to him, taking a seat at the foot of the bed in front of the still crawling missionary. His tone was soft, tranquil, almost meditative.
Elder Gardner did as he was told, getting up on his knees, keeping his back straight as if he was being suspended from the ceiling by his spine.
President Ballard looked the boy over, his eyes navigating the familiar landscape of his chest and stomach. The boys short, soft hairs stood up from the cool air, acting almost like mile markers along his long, lean body.
Ballard slowly loosened the fit of the boy’s shield, maneuvering his large hands beneath the gauzy fabric, touching the boy’s youthful skin. His rough hands showed no shyness when it came to finding the sweet, sensitive parts of Gardner’s body.
Elder Gardner maintained his posture, unsure if he was immobilized by his own will or it was a side-effect of the man’s touch. The way his fingers moved around him, pulling at strings and teasing his flesh, did more to make bumps rise up his neck than the cool air. He was entranced and enthralled and completely his.
“Stand up,” Ballard spoke up again, this time as barely a whisper. Had he not been within arm’s reach, he might not have heard it.
The handsome man pushed his glasses back up on his nose as he stood up as well, maintaining his physical superiority over the young man. Not that Gardner had much in the way of power. Even his shield, his only piece of covering, fell off his body and onto the floor as he made his way to his feet.
President Ballard looked down and saw the exposed member of his young submissive. He cocked his head, seemingly amused, and grabbed it gently with his hand. It was semi-soft, just beginning to signal to the boy’s heart it’s need for extra blood.
He handled it delicately but completely, pulling at the shaft and balls like he was examining the genitals of a prize-winning animal. It wasn’t terribly sexual, almost more appraising. And little to Gardner’s knowledge, this wasn’t entirely inaccurate.
President Ballard loved this boy. Deeply. He’d been so proud of him and was impressed with how well he’d managed all he’d put him through. He felt more than just desire and affection for him… he felt almost fatherly. He wanted to claim him as his own.
As he continued to inspect the boy’s cock, he feels that those signals have been answered. The boy’s shaft increased in size many times over, now presenting as a massive erection that nearly rivaled his own.
President Ballard, smiled, once again proud of his boy, and leaned in close to kiss him. The boy moaned through their embrace, moving an arm for the first time independent of any order to place a hand on the president’s shoulder, and kissed him back.
The older man sat back down on the bed, wetting his fingers before stroking the boy’s throbbing hard-on. The sensation was felt for only a moment before Ballard placed his mouth around it instead.
Elder Gardner looked down from where he was standing, watching his veiny member disappear past the sexy daddy’s bearded lips. His view was broken only by the glasses that clung to his handsome face. It felt amazing.
Ballard breathed deep between moments when the boy’s cock was in his throat. He ravenously took it in as if it were the very essence of the boy’s being. And based on his moans of pleasure, it seemed it was.
Gardner felt the president’s hands clench tightly onto his heavy balls, pressing the cool of his wedding band again his molten nuts. In all this time, he’d forgotten this he was married man, breaking his own set of expectation in order to be with him. The idea of belonging to President Ballard was enough to make him dizzy. He wanted it. He wanted this man to guide him and fuck him.
President Ballard stood up, loosening his own clothes as he and Gardner started kissing again. His efforts were frequently interrupted as his hands seemed desperate to be back on the boy’s body.
He soon managed to simply remove his shirt and suspenders as he continuously found breaks to fondle Gardner’s genitals.
Once his garment shirt is removed, he playfully pushed Elder Gardner down onto the bed, having him sit where the president once sat. From his perspective, he can see how the powerful man before him actually is. His strong chest is wide and muscular and drew his focus like a spell.
President Ballard invites him in, guiding him to suck on his nipples, taking him in and holding him close. With each suckle and lick, Ballard could practically feel concrete being poured into his cock.
Elder Gardner’s mouth moved down, finding it’s way lower and lower on the president’s torso. The older man couldn’t contain himself any longer and pulled down his pants and garment bottoms. He lifted his cock and balls out and up, giving Gardner something more substantial to suck on.
Gardner struggled to open his mouth wide enough to take the president, but his effort was in vain. The older man let him suck just enough to get him wet before he pushed Gardner further back onto the mattress.
He follows behind him, removing his pants entirely and climbing up onto the bed. Balled pulled the boy’s legs up onto his thighs, putting him in the perfect position to be fucked.
Before he takes the boy’s willing hole, he can’t resist going in for another taste of the boy’s flesh, kissing up and down his torso.
Elder Gardner lied back and watched the man kissed him and stroked his cock, feeling a flood of warmth flow through his body. He knew what it was now: complete submission.
Ballard could practically smell it coming off of him, too. He lifted up his legs, pressing the boy’s knees to his shoulders, lifting his hole up to him. With the greatest of ease, brought his giant cock to the boy’s hole, pressing himself back inside him once more.
Gardner had learned well how to take him, and for once, the original pain he felt was no longer there. His body took him happily.
President Ballard looked down at the young boy, feeling his hole wrap tightly around him and embrace the full force of his cock. He was full of both pride and cum and was eager bless him with an overabundance of both…


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