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Most boys feel an intense feeling of honor and fulfillment once they’ve been initiated into the Order. The Brethren see it plainly in the face of each of their new inductees time and time again. Though for Elder Gardner, it appeared that his joy was a bit diminished.
Bishop Angus was the first to see this following his ritual insemination of the eager missionary. Behind his eyes he could see his worry and concern. When asked about it, Gardner confessed that he was still upset about having not kept their sacred secret.


Bishop Angus knew the matter was resolved and was concerned that it would take more unique measures to ease the worried boy’s mind. He called in President Ballard to help him calm the boy, knowing full well that the two had a special bond.
The two men met with Elder Gardner in the temple and told him about the rare ceremony of the Second Anointing.
Elder Gardner looked at them and insisted that he was not worthy of such an honor, but the priesthood leaders removed his clothes all the same.
Standing before them in his undergarments, Gardner did as he was told despite his internal struggle. He did as the men told him and proceeded with the ritual.
As he stood, Bishop Angus and President Ballard ran their hands over his body, massaging his arms and shoulders, moving up and down his torso closer and closer to his genitals. The men placed their hands in his shorts, caressing and fondling his penis, feeling its heat as it sprung to arousal.
The advances and touches of the two men were enough to make Elder Gardner moan with pleasure. He couldn’t help himself. Each graze and gesture shot sensations through his body, penetrating through the walls of his shame.
As he looked down, he could see his penis in their big, strong, daddy hands, being worked from base to tip.
President Ballard leaned in and kissed him, brushing his neatly trimmed beard slightly against his hot and moistened lips. Their pout drew him in as if they were soft pillows he could rest on. With one hand, he tease the boy’s nipple. Like a trigger, it sent shocks throughout his body, stiffening his member as Bishop Angus pulled gently on his shaft.
It was hard to determine what to stay focused on, but Elder Gardner was certain about one thing: he was going to do anything and everything they asked of him.
The two men broke from their teasing to remove Gardner’s clothing. With one on top and one on bottom, the young boy was completely naked before them in a matter of seconds.
Standing there in the warm, white room, the boy was once again aware of his nakedness in stark contrast to the clothed men next to him. He didn’t feel uncomfortable as he had before. For once, it felt right–like it was something God and nature intended.
President Ballard and Bishop Angus took his hands and guided him onto a large, cushioned altar behind him. He was placed on top, seated with his legs hanging over the edge. He was he was going to be asked to service them in some way and he was prepared to fulfill his obligation.
But to his surprise, the two men took out bowls of warm water and each knelt in front of him. With a small washcloth ready, they each silently claimed a foot and began to wash his feet.
What is this, he thought to himself. How is it that I’m the one being served?
His question barely had time to echo in his mind as he felt a release move through him. As they washed him, his mind quieted and he felt himself being to relax in way he hadn’t for some time.
Once he was cleaned, he was instructed to lie down on the altar, face down with his arms out. As he got himself into position, Elder Gardner watched as the two men removed their jackets and began to roll up their sleeves. He couldn’t explain it, but the sight made him excited all over. These sexy men were getting to work on something.
Face down, it was hard for him to see much of anything else. But then, President Ballard stood in front of him, hands shiny with oil, and he began to massage his back and shoulders. Before the sensation fully penetrated his skin, he could feel similar hands on his legs, moving up and down from his feet to his buttocks. Bishop Angus was also massaging him.
The boy closed his eyes, overwhelmed by how good it felt. Their strong hands worked into every muscle on the back of his body. Every knot and tense cluster was pressed and kneaded and relieved of all tension.
President Ballard massaged his neck, making his body go heavy as he relaxed and let go to their movements. He couldn’t believe how good it felt to drop his thoughts and settle into the feeling of being cared for.
Bishop Angus worked his legs carefully, slowly spreading them apart as he made his way up toward his crotch. As they spread, his thighs opened up his buttocks to reveal his perfect hole. His hands moved over it, massaging the muscles in his ass and between the cheeks. They moved up to his lower back, pushing in with needed pressure before moving back down to gently open him up.
The two men could see how their efforts were working on Gardner, allowing him the opportunity to truly relaxed and feel appreciated. They wanted to reward him for his dutiful service and to remind him that he had a special place in the Order.
Turning him over, President Ballard and Bishop Angus were delighted to see it wasn’t just working on the inside of his body. As he flipped onto his back, Elder Gardner’s big cock swung through the air, landing on his flat stomach with a thud.
The two men oiled up their hands once more to work on his chest and loins. With one hand on his chest and the other cupping the base of chin, President Ballard leaned in to kiss Gardner. It was enough to top the boy’s cock off and give him a completely hard erection. Seeing this, the two men switched places and Bishop Angus moved to his front.
The muscle bear watched as President Ballard stroked his cock with his oily hand, excited for what was to come. Bishop Angus leaned in and kissed the boy, tasting some of Ballard’s saliva still on his lips. He lingered on his tongue, taking him in just as much as he invaded his mouth.
President Ballard took the boy’s cock into his mouth, feeling its slick surface move past his lips and glide on his tongue. Gardner’s moans were muffled by the other man’s kiss, but still strong enough to be heard by Ballard.
Bishop Angus held the boy’s face in his hands, ran a finger over his lips and stood up. Looking at Ballard, he said simply, “He’s all yours.”
With that, Bishop Angus left the room where they’d been, leaving President Ballard alone with Elder Gardner.
Ballard removed his suspenders, dropping them to the ground and his hands moved quickly to his pants and shirt. In Gardner’s dazed state, he hardly saw the full transformation. In an instance, he saw the older man standing beside the altar, his muscled body beaming with power and his massive, thick cock commanding authority.
Ballard moved up onto the altar, kneeling behind Gardner and lifting his legs up high. The boy’s body was still heavy from the massage and immobilized from relaxation. He legs lifted limply onto the man’s shoulders, exposing his eager hole.
With a light spread of oil on the tip of his cock, President Ballard pressed himself against the boy’s hole. He moved himself closer, a fraction of an inch at a time, before he felt the boy’s body yield to him.
Elder Gardner let out a pained moan at first. His body was relaxed plenty, but President Ballard’s thickness was a challenged for even the most prepared bottom. He breathed deep and before he knew it, the fullness of the man’s member was completely encased by his sphincter.
The young boy felt what he’d been waiting for: absolution. No more did he have to carry the burden of his guilt. He felt at peace and at home on the tip of the older man’s cock. And with that freedom, he moved himself on the man’s shaft, ready to feel something even better… his huge penis pour hot cum deep inside…


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