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Elder Garrett had been spending a lot of time with Brother Calhoun, the ward mission leader. His companion gets called into the mission office several times a week, so he is often on splits with Calhoun these days.
Not that this bothered him. Brother Calhoun was extremely attractive.
One morning when Elder Garrett was getting ready, and Brother Calhoun was on the phone with a ward member in the other room, he saw Brother Calhoun’s journal out and exposed. Journals were meant to be private and not shared with anyone. Elder Garrett respected this, but his curiously got the better of him.


Knowing he had a few moments before Calhoun would return, he opened the pages and skimmed for anything exciting.
He’d always had a crush on Brother Calhoun, and he hoped to find steamy confessions of dirty thoughts or masturbation. What Elder Garrett discovered, however, shocked him.
Brother Calhoun wrote on page after page about his sexual assault by Brother Strang. He recounted in graphic, sordid detail about the time the bearded leader pinned him down, used his hole, and insisted it was because the younger Brother Calhoun wanted it.
And it was clear from his journal entry that Brother Calhoun was conflicted about whether he wanted it.
Elder Garrett even read that Brother Calhoun, tormented by this attack, unintentionally committed a similar act of aggression on Elder Xanders.
Once Brother Calhoun returned, Elder Garrett decided he couldn’t keep the information to himself. He confessed to reading his journal, and about his discovery.
The moment was tense but eased somewhat when Elder Garrett offered Calhoun comfort, hugging him and telling him that he was there for him.
Truthfully, Elder Garrett understood that Brother Strang was pursuing Brother Calhoun and recruiting him to receive the higher priesthood. Garrett suspected he knew what Brother Calhoun had to look forward during visits with the Brethren in the upcoming weeks.
For his part Brother Calhoun knew he should have been angry or violated, but instead he felt relief that he could share his pain. Nevertheless, he expressed his frustration about still feeling powerless.
Elder Garrett convinced the tortured boy that they should confront Brother Strang together. And in a moment of strength, he agreed…
“Come in,” Brother Strang said, answering the knock at his door. He was delighted and surprised to see Elder Garrett and Brother Calhoun.
The two boys sat down with him, and Brother Calhoun was trying his best to stay focused and unshaken. Elder Garrett knew this man, but also understood the delicate situation, so he tread carefully.
The young missionary spoke up to the bearded man, confronting him with the truth of his assault.
“Is this true?”
“No, he wanted it,” Brother Strang replied, laughing at the young boys’ confrontation.
Strang leaned forward, speaking in an intentionally lascivious tone about how Brother Calhoun got what he wanted. He enjoyed it, even. How Calhoun’s hole opened up for him, and how Calhoun’s cock got hard.
And even how Brother Calhoun came all over himself.
Brother Calhoun felt himself get confused and angry once more. He knew it was true. He did like it.
Strang continued to talk to the boys about how he knows when someone wants what they can’t say… just like he knows that the two of them have been wanting to fuck each other!
Elder Garrett and Brother Calhoun looked at each other stunned…but Garrett less so. Both were shocked by the accusation, but also well aware of the truth of the observation.
Sheepishly, they made eye contact, seeing their attraction in one another.
“Elder Garrett, stand up,” Brother Strang ordered. “Take off your pants.”
Given what Elder Garrett knew about Strang’s place among the priesthood brethren, he was not going to challenge the man’s authority.
Still shaken by the events that had transpired, and blinded by the older man’s power, Garrett felt compelled to obey. He wasn’t sure why, but he knew he must.
“What are you doing?” Calhoun asked, protesting his aggressor’s orders. Strang shushed him, dismissing him completely, and reminding him who’s in charge.
Garrett continued to undress, stripping down to his garments.
Brother Strang ordered Brother Calhoun to put his hand on his crotch, repeating the dark, familiar phrase of their last encounter, “you know you want it.”
Calhoun flushed. He was confused and frustrated, but couldn’t deny being completely turned on by Garrett’s body.
Brother Calhoun leaned in to kiss the young Mormon, pulling at his tie and grabbing at his ass. He knew he shouldn’t and he was still angry with Strang, but his head was now swimming and his attraction to the other boy was too great.
Strang watched, aroused by his control over the two young men. He smiled a wicked grin and pulled Garrett into his lap, guiding him to sit. From this lower position, Garrett was able to remove Calhoun’s belt, himself overwhelmed by the eroticism of the moment and eager to see his companion’s hard cock.
Garrett kissed up his athletic torso as he continued to undress him, feeling his muscular frame even through his shirt. Calhoun’s lust for the young boy builds with each embrace.
Once he was down to his garments, Calhoun bent down and pulled on the boy’s garments, stripping him nude from the waist down. Calhoun got a full view of his strong, lean legs and hard boy cock.
Quickly, Strang lifted Garrett’s legs, exposing his butt and hole to his horny colleague. Unable to resist the boy’s pucker, Calhoun gave in completely and planted his mouth firmly between Garrett’s smooth cheeks, running his tongue up and down, feeling his hole pulse on the tip.
Elder Garrett moaned loudly as Strang held him tightly in place, feeling his backside press into the older man’s swelling crotch.
Unable to control his desire to manipulate the boy’s pleasure, Brother Calhoun switched out his tongue for his finger, teasing the tight center of Garrett’s ass, slowly creeping the tip inside.
Calhoun pushed his finger gently in and out, feeling how warm and tight the boy was inside. He leaned in for one more taste, licking him deep and passionately, hungry to get more of the boy’s sweet hole. He needed to fuck him and he couldn’t wait any longer.
Brother Calhoun stood up and held his hard cock in his hand, stroking it firmly. Brother Strang could see the young man’s intention, and arched the boy’s butt for him to make the boy’s hole more accessible.
Leaning in, Calhoun pressed the tip of his cock against the warm puckered ring of Elder Garrett’s hole, letting out a quiet moan as he watched the tip of his dick slide deeper and deeper into the young missionary.
As soon as he was inside, he felt gush of pre-cum flow out the tip of his cock directly into Garret.
As he began to rock back and forth, he knew this was only a drop in the bucket for what was to come…


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