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Preparation Day is a unique time for a Mormon missionary. When most people think of free time, they think of all the hours in a day–every day–they’re not at school or work. Missionaries, however, only have a handful of hours on one day a week to do things for themselves.
Elder Garrett obeyed the rules on all days including P-Day, getting up at the right time and getting all his chores and work done. Even with this diligent behavior, his desires always got the better of him.


This particular week, he was placed on splits with Elder Sorenson, a missionary with whom he’d never really had any interaction despite being AP. He was plenty nice and polite, but they’d only been together since the evening before. Without his regular companion, he’d been stuck unable to even masturbate, making his hormones go crazy.
Playing sports on P-Day with the other missionaries was fun, but it made Garrett even more horny. He would look around and see the other young, fit, clean-cut boys and imaging what it would be like to kiss them… to see them naked… to fuck them.
And P-Day was the only time to see them in something other than their uniforms.
Following a particularly intense P-Day game of soccer, Garrett returned to home to wash up. He kept the door open as he’d done with Elder Xanders, still in the habit imposed by the brethren.
He stood naked under the hot water, feeling it slide over his sweaty body. He closed his eyes and thought of the sexy boys in their athletic shorts, seeing their muscular bodies move in his head.
It didn’t take much for his penis to get fully aroused. After all, it had been more than 24 hours since he’d been able to cum.
As he finished up, he looked out into the open space and saw Elder Sorenson. The boy was standing at the entrance of the room, naked, eyes fixed on him.
Garrett had no idea he was there, and he felt defensive, but deep down had hoped the boy would see him. He’d come along way from being shy about his body and began to love showing off.
“Hey Garrett,” Elder Sorenson said, stepping into the room. His greeting was pleasant… even flirty.
Elder Garrett stepped out of the shower and put on a towel, trying to mimic a sense of modesty.
“You don’t have to hide. I was watching you.”
“You were watching me?” Elder Garrett replied, surprised and amused. His surprise turned to curiosity, wondering if they shared a common secret. Mormons are supposed to keep an eye on each other, but not when they’re naked and sporting an erection.
Elder Garrett took his phone from his collection of clothes. He turned the camera on and switched to video. He thought he’d have a little fun with the pretty boy.
“You’re filming me?” Sorensen asked, stepping into the shower and washing his body. He didn’t seem surprised or upset about the camera, continuing to rub soapy water over his smooth body.
“It’s only fair,” Garrett replied playfully. “You were watching me.”
Elder Garrett stepped closer, bringing his camera in tighter on Sorenson. The missionary never once stopped his bathing, and even started performing for the camera. There was something coyly inviting about it that compelled Garrett to move closer. And closer.
Soon, Garrett was standing back in the shower, within arm’s reach of Elder Sorenson, watching him through his bright phone screen. He was still turned on from the early games, and he couldn’t deny just how attractive Sorenson was. As he stood closer, closing his naked body in on Sorenson’s, the not-so-shy missionary cut right to the chase.
“Are you going to fuck me?” Sorensen asked, feeling Garrett’s naked body meet against his. His swollen member pressed between his butt cheeks.
Without hesitation, pleased to have read the flirtatious signals correctly, Garrett responded confidently, “Oh, yeah.”
Elder Sorenson turned around, his fully erect penis brushing against Garrett’s. They pressed their wet bodies together, touching their members and kissing softly and sweetly. Garrett kept filming on his phone, turned on by the exhibitionism of the camera.
Sorenson turned back around, showing his ass to the horny camera man. Garrett watched through his phone as he played with the boy’s hole. The water beaded up on his hands and slipped inside Sorenson as he fingered him. Sorenson’s ass closed tightly on the digit, barely giving it room to move in and out.
The two quickly shut off the water, desperate to fuck each other.
They moved into the adjacent bedroom, precariously holding their towels around their waists as they continued to make out.
Their hands ran over their wet bodies, feeling their smooth, hairless skin and toned frames. Elder Garrett lied back on an ottoman, leading Sorenson to follow on top of him. They kissed passionately as they removed their towels and rubbed bare skin to skin.
Clawing at each other, the two boys got lost in their desire, buzzing with the hunger to be inside one another. They quickly moved to the bed, Sorenson now on bottom, kissing his companion as his hands pawed firmly on Garrett’s butt.
Garrett was in such a state of heat that he couldn’t help grinding his erection into Sorenson’s flat stomach, getting off on the friction between them. He needed to cum. Badly. And Sorenson could hear it in his pants and moans.
Sorenson looked into the boy’s eyes and nodded, telling him to go for it.
A smile came across Garrett’s face as he leaned back and lifted up Sorenson’s legs. The tall, lean boy arched his back and presented his smooth hole to the hungry missionary.
His cock wet with pre-cum and shower water, Elder Garrett easily slid his hard cock into the boy’s hole, feeling it push deep into his ass. Sorenson’s eyes closed slightly, reacting to the pleasure that came from being fucked, but making sure to continue to watch his partner top him.
Elder Garrett could have cum right then and there. A part of him begged to release. But he wanted to enjoy it. He held off, slowly pumping himself in and out of his new companion, exploring the feeling of his insides on his cock.
He knew he’d cum. And cum hard. And he wanted to work up enough to have Sorenson’s hole dripping with it by the end…


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