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Elders Garrett and Xanders walked through the temple together, neither saying a word.
The Brethren had summoned them both to meet in the holy of holies. The boys were escorted to this sacred space in the temple, and instructed to not speak, but simply present themselves and do as directed
The two boys were cleanly showered, well-groomed, and dressed appropriate for a visit to the temple.
Both boys had become accustomed to doing as the men of the Brethren asked, not asking questions or expressing any personal hesitation or doubt. They knew their role and their place and were dedicated to satisfying those in authority.


In a private room of the temple, Brothers Erying and Strang sat on a couch and waited for the young boys to arrive. They two men had become quite close, even going so far as to indulge in their carnal pursuits together.
Following their previous team up with Elder Xanders, they found they quite enjoyed sharing their sexual experiences with each other.
Thanks to the understanding men of the Order, it was easy for them to call upon submissive missionaries to act as their personal sex servants. Membership has its perks.
When the boys entered the room, Eyring and Strang immediately locked their gaze on the young boys. They had the timidity of two lambs being brought before hungry wolves. Their subtle apprehension was warranted, of course, as the two men’s mouths watered beneath their whiskery beards, eager to receive them like a predator receives its prey.
Without any greeting, Brother Erying walked up to the two boys, grabbing at their clothing and unceremoniously undressing them. Within seconds, they were stripped down to their garments and exposed.
Brother Strang remained seated, watching his colleague prepare the boys for their enjoyment. Erying pulled the two boys together, pressing their slight bodies up against one another, forcing them to kiss.
The boys were happy to do so, but they couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being completely used, denied of any sense of autonomy or will. And as Brother Erying continued to undress them and fondle their genitals, they realized that was the point.
Seeing Garrett and Xanders make out in this context drove Brother Strang wild. He had been quietly rubbing his cock through his pants, but this was too much for him to remain passive. He unzipped his pants and whipped out his large erection, stroking himself slowly as precum dripped from the tip.
Brother Erying smiled and watched as his colleague began to pleasure himself.
The wiry man lead the boys over to couch, placing them on either side of Brother Strang. Strang looked at him and gave him a devilish smile. It was his turn to try them out.
Each boy knelt on the ground beside Brother Strang, leaning in to taste his exposed cock. Their mouths wrapped on the side of his shaft, wetting it as they moved up and down it’s impressive length. It was hard and warm and tasted wild on their tongues.
The horny boys played a game unto themselves of swapping out whose mouth was on top, taking the tip between their lips and swallowing it down. Each boy was desperate to worship the man’s member, as if they were fighting for who could suck his cock best.
They pulled his pants down, giving them full access to Strang’s garments, tugging at his balls to make them pass through the front opening that his shaft had needled through. With his heavy babymakers out from under their cloth cage, Elder Xanders gave up the fight for the shaft and dedicated himself to locking the man’s testicles.
Elder Garrett continued to work the man’s thick shaft, pushing himself down on it with everything he had. He felt a kind of comfort in his position, knowing he had nothing to focus on except the limited scope of this moment: making Brother Strang feel good.
Strang took a great deal of joy in testing out Garrett’s mouth. This boy was new to him, but not knew to cock, clearly. He watched the boy lap him up like he was candy. Nothing was as sweet as the way a sexually repressed boy sucked on his cock, desperate for an outlet for his urges. Strang happy to take advantage of their state of mind.
Brother Erying, on the other hand, was much more focused on the service. He sat beside his colleague, aiming just to get a closer look at the hungry work of their two dedicated cocksuckers. As soon as he pulled his own cock out, however, it was quickly attended to by Xanders.
Seeing Xanders willfully submit and lower himself for his pleasure was a thing of true beauty and power. For him, it’s seeing a boy give up his autonomy and do as they command that satisfies his desires. It’s a powerful transformation to witness, and one that makes his dick stand up straight.
The two boys gave their bodies completely over to the older men, having them toy with their butts, open their holes and playing with their aroused cocks. They were stripped and used and debased–and It was incredibly hot.
Once he’d played with his hole enough, Strang brought Garrett up onto his lap, having him straddle him and kissed him while placing him just the way he wanted. His wet cock was brought to his hole, pushing it in firmly and slowly. Garrett’s face winced as he was penetrated with little seduction or easement.
The large rod moved inside him, piercing him painfully at first, then pausing for his hole to pulse violently around it, as if it coming to terms with its fate.
Seeing this, Erying, too, wanted to feel that pleasure. It was easy for him to lift Xanders up on his lap as well. The young boy was practically a toy, not much bigger than a doll, and perfectly pliable for his sexual desires.
His small hole passed over his long shaft like a rubber band passing down a pipe. Xanders let out a whimper as he was unceremoniously filled with the man’s cock, giving his comfort no more consideration that one would a give a glove being filled with a hand.
Each boy took deep breaths, doing everything they could to soothe themselves and their bodies for being taken in such a dehumanizing manner. They were objects of pleasure, nothing more. And whether they like it or not, they were going to be fucked and bred for the older men’s pleasure.
The two men sat side by side, watching as their boys were bounced up and down on their laps. They gave each other a look of amusement, pleased with themselves and the power they had. They felt like kings, enjoying the rewards of their station.
Their eyes moved then to the rewards of their fellow king, exhilarated and thrilled to see the missionaries take them so dutifully. They continued to pump them full of their cocks, curious what the other felt like…


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