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Elder Garrett made his way into a dark room in the temple, moving cautiously as his eyes adjusted to the dark. Every part of the temple was bright and white except for this secret space.
There was so much that Garrett did not know about this history of the priesthood in the church, and the higher priesthood order. He would have never known to ask what secrets were guarded and passed down by early priesthood leaders.
As the Brethren have called him back to meet with them, he blindly obeyed, trusting his leaders completely. This time was no different in that sense. Though having been called before, he knew he would be expected to service the men of the Order in some way.


At no time in his life previously could he have imagined repeatedly and routinely sexually satisfying his priesthood leaders while on his mission.
The very idea would have shocked and scared him, despite being deeply arousing.
Now, he’s come to find a sense of comfort. As if being a subject of desire and pleasure gave him a purpose. He knew the men wanted him, and that made him feel a new and intoxicating power.
Once his eyes widened to see in the darkness, Elder Garrett could see Bishop Angus standing beside a seated President Oaks. The sexy, silver-haired man sat in a large red chair at the end of long, dark table, studded with knobs increasing from small to quite large.
Bishop Angus called the boy to him, and President Oaks signaled the bearded man to proceed with their plan.
Angus ran his hands over Garrett, feeling his firm, lean body while also removing his clothing piece by piece.
Garrett previously felt a great deal of shame in his nakedness. The missionary would often blush and get nervous at just the idea of his body exposed. Now, in the presence of these great, powerful men, it only excited him.
Once he was down to his garments, the two men groped his body, grabbing at his loins and buttocks. Beneath his magic underwear they could feel his penis growing erect. President Oaks watched the boy writhe in pleasure from their touch, attempting to excite him just enough for his real test of will.
Bishop Angus then brought him to the far end of the bench and handed him a jar of oil. The young man looked confused, unsure of what to do. The older man gestured to the bench, indicating he was to start with the smallest and make his way to the largest.
Elder Garrett soon put it together what was being asked of him and he nearly choked on his shock. How on earth was he going to take all of those objects into his body?
Elder Garrett had only been fucked a couple times before, and not without some degree of difficulty. As he knelt down and began lubricating the first peg, his mind began to race with anxiety and doubt.
“You may begin,” President Oaks ordered, still positioned in his red chair.
Elder Garrett moved himself above the peg, bending his knees to lower himself down. The slick object slipped inside him with only slight difficulty, prying open his hole and forcing a gasp out from his mouth. Bishop Angus stood behind him, watching him closely and resting a supportive hand on the back of his neck.
“Now the next one,” Oaks ordered, hardly giving him time to get comfortable.
Elder Garrett moved himself down, taking each peg into his body. Bishop Angus held his tesitcles up with his hand as he mounted himself down, giving the watchful president an unobstructed view of the plugs filling his hole.
“Is it stretching you?” Oaks would ask, his locked on the boy’s progress.
Soon a peg came that tried Garrett’s limits, prying him open further than he thought possible.
“Show me you can do this one,” Oaks whispered to him, leaning close to the determined missionary.
He was closer now than when he started, nearly to the end of the stretcher. Oaks was pleased to see him continuing on, but knew the boy needed encouragement and guidance to succeed.
“Slowly,” he coached. “Let me see you go all the way down.”
President Oaks’s paternal tone had a powerful affect on Elder Garrett. He knew that as hard as it was and as much as it hurt, he was loved and protected by him. He knew he was being groomed for a higher calling and did not want to disappoint him.
With a few more encouraging words, Garrett felt the large plug slip past his red hot sphincter, finding purchase inside his eager hole, slamming hard against his prostate.
“That’s a good boy.”
President Oaks could see Garrett was at his limit. Even with more plugs to go, his hole had been pushed as far as it could go. He was proud of him, but knew his atonement was incomplete.
The older man stood from his position of authority and began to undress himself, guiding the young boy to assist him in the process. Once he was stripped down, he instructed Garrett down to his knees.
The young boy’s hole was still on fire, relieved to be free of the large object. His body, however, was buzzing with a sexual energy that had been built up as his insides were filled deeper and wider.
He quickly took the president’s cock in his mouth, eager to taste the handsome man. Something about submitting to him as he had made him desperate for his member, praying that he’d soon get his hole stuffed by the man’s swollen erection.
It wasn’t long before the older leader had him bent over on all fours, massaging his well-worn sphincter and readying it for insertion.
Bishop Angus once again stood next to the boy, placing a supportive hand on the back of his neck. The muscle bear looked down as he watched the boy’s back arch in anticipation.
President Oaks smiled as he stroked his cock, one hand trailing along the boy’s warm hole.
Then, with a careful and sudden push, the president moved himself inside the boy, pressing his cock deep inside. The boy’s hole was hot, still reacting to the intensity of the plugs, providing President Oaks an incredible sensation on the head of his shaft.
He pumped himself in and out, feeling the boy’s body take him without any resistance. Oaks owned this boy and could use him for his pleasure. And Garrett wasn’t going to leave without the president’s seed inside…


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