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Despite wearing the temple shield, Elder Garrett still felt exposed. The shield should help a boy feel more modest, but somehow it emphasizes the fact that essentially, he is still naked.
He kept repositioning the draped the material, subconsciously trying to make himself less vulnerable.
Once again he’d been called to the temple. Once again he was not entirely sure what was going to happen. His companion had hinted some of what to expect, but never gave any clear details.


It was understood that sacred matters of the temple, and the clandestine rituals conducted therein must be kept confidential.
During his meeting with President Oaks, the older man explained that Garrett was to be initiated into the true priesthood organization, known as The Order.
He wouldn’t be allowed to tell anyone about it.
Elder Garrett was of course intrigued to learn of a higher priesthood authority. But he was also deeply conflicted about what had happened to him.
Given that he was clearly fondled and molested by the president, he wasn’t sure how much he could trust his leaders. He also discovered he couldn’t even trust himself. Even though he knew he shouldn’t, he couldn’t help but want it. And now, he couldn’t think about anything else.
As he continued to shift his shield, Bishop Angus came up behind him without warning. Putting a hand gently on the small of his back, he brought the young boy into the next room to prepare him for his anointing.
As Angus delivered his ritual words, running his hands and fingers all over his body, Garrett felt his nakedness more and more. His shield provided only the slightest modesty as Angus touched him everywhere.
His neck, his shoulders, his back and spine. His breast, his stomach, his legs and his loins… all at his reach. Garrett tried to stay focused on remaining still, but his feeling of vulnerability built up with each touch.
Bishop Angus’ hands were surprisingly smooth. Elder Garrett thought of him as such a burly bear; he expected them to be rough against his skin. Even with the consecrated oil, he could tell how soft they were.
This helped to calm him slightly, but he still felt exposed. As Angus’ hands creeped around him, he found himself once again aroused.
What did this mean? Why do I keep getting turned on?
Bishop Angus lifted the front of the boy’s shield, bringing his genitals into the unbroken light of the room. In that moment he was certain he knew what was going to happen.
As Bishop Angus spoke the ceremonial words, he reached for and gently massaged the consecrated oil onto his penis and testicles, feeling them in his large, smooth hands.
The bishop held them for a moment and could hear Elder Garrett’s fluttered breathing. He could sense the boy’s tortured excitement, and knew he was ready for more.
The bishop lifted the boy’s shield up over his head, leaving him completely bare. As soon as the white fabric dropped to the floor, he pulled him close against his strong, muscular body, grabbed the back of his head and kissed him.
It was a total rush for Elder Garrett. He was in no way use to this kind of attention. Before his mission, he’d never experienced this kind of affection from other boys, let alone a powerful man like Angus. He embraced the burly man, letting his passion wash over him with each kiss and touch.
As they held and tasted each other, Bishop Angus began to remove his clothing, piece by piece. Before he removed his pants, he guided Elder Garrett to his knees, silently instructing him to finish the job.
Elder Garrett looked up at the bishop and couldn’t believe how broad and hairy his chest was. Back in his days at the MTC, he was always envious of the boys who had filled out and possessed the masculine traits of muscle and hair that he lacked. He’d always been turned on by their bodies, but had no means or opportunity to do anything about it. Here, on his knees, he had a fantasy come true.
Garrett took off his pants, pulling them down to reveal his white garment shorts, visibly struggling to contain the sexy man’s bulging erection. It looked thicker than his own wrist! He pressed his face against it, feeling its warmth and weight, hungry to get it into his mouth. Before it was even uncovered, he attempted to taste it through the garments.
Bishop Angus smiled as he watched the young man take to him to readily. He pulled down his garments, allowing his cock to fall out freely in front of the horny missionary. Elder Garrett was quick to get the uncovered member in his mouth.
Once his penis was good and hard, Angus interrupted the young boy by bringing him to his feet. Garrett wiped his mouth, still tasting the older man on his tongue. Angus kissed him sweetly, pressing his body close, before lifting him up and placing on the temple altar.
The boy lay on his back as Angus lifted his legs up to expose his hole.
The older man looked at the boy’s bare ass, eager to get a taste for himself. He knelt down and brought his mouth directly to the boy’s backside, running his tongue on his hole, feeling it tighten and pulse as he went.
Elder Garrett laid back and felt the man’s beard brush against his sensitive parts, causing him to shift between tense and relaxed. He loved feel his tongue on him, opening him up and devouring him. His heart raced as he got wetter and wetter, yearning to feel more than just his mouth.
Feeling the boy’s hole open up on his tongue, Bishop Angus stood up and made his way onto the altar. He lifted his massive frame and settled beside Garrett. He then guided the young man on top of him, holding him close and kissing him once more.
Elder Garrett looked down on the older man, seeing the intention in his eyes. He wanted to fuck him. Badly.
Looking around, Elder Garrett could see a bottle of consecrated oil next to the altar. Bishop Angus looked at him and gave him a nod, indicating for him to continue. The young man reached over and pumped out a few squirts of the slick liquid onto his hands.
Reaching back, Garrett rubbed the oil onto his hole, feeling it warm on his skin as soon as he made contact. With the extra oil, he stroked it over Angus’ cock, massaging him down to the base of his shaft.
Rubbing his hands clean, he placed them on Bishop Angus’ shoulders, feeling their size and power. He looked into the man’s eyes once more and got another nod to continue. This time, it was an accompanied by a warm, comforting smile. As if to say, “you’ve got this.”
Elder Garrett pressed his body back, feeling his hole make contact with the rock hard phallus of Bishop Angus. He took a deep breath and held it as he felt the head of the man’s penis pry open his eager hole. He let out a long exhale as he coaxed himself down upon it, feel it fill his body with its heat and girth.
The young boy held it for a moment, excited to have the man inside him. He gently rocked back and forth on it, looking down again on Bishop Angus. The older man held him firmly in his hairy hands and watched with delight as the young boy fucked himself on his cock. He knew this boy was special and couldn’t wait to fill him with his seed…


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