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It was just before dawn when Elder Garrett woke up. His mind had never fully quieted in the night and the start of the new day filled him with excitement and anxiety.
The Brethren had told him that he was about to be formally ordained into the higher priesthood and that this was the day he’d make his eternal promise.


As he watched the morning light creep into his room, throwing shadows across the floor that moved up the walls and faded into daylight, he couldn’t help but consider his unusual and unexpected path toward the altar of the Order.
As soon as the time seemed appropriate, he sprang out from his covers, going through a routine of exercises to steady his mind and strengthen his body. It was less about vanity and more about feeling like he was preparing himself for the pleasure of his superiors.
The idea of serving the Brethren through sex and service had become such a part of his makeup that he’d begun to take steps to improve his package. He wanted to make them happy and to be satisfying to their needs, starting with his appearance and ending with his unyielding submission.
This was quite the change from the quiet, shy, modest missionary who was first called to serve.
Getting dressed, he looked at himself carefully, making sure he was presenting himself accordingly for the occasion. He looked at himself in the mirror, took a deep breath, and took his first last steps toward the temple as an unordained inductee.
Once in the presence of President Oaks, he was greeted beside an altar covered with a white cloth, the same altar that Bishop Angus had feasted on his hole and fucked him hard. The salt and pepper president was wearing a completely white outfit, sleeves rolled up and white tie hanging from the base of his perfectly tan neck. He was stunning vision of power and authority.
The older man kissed him softly, causing Garrett to hold his breath for a second as he tried to maintain his ability to stand. It was a heady experience. Not just being with this handsome man, but committing himself to a future of servitude. He barely knew what to do or say, but luckily, all he had to do was follow.
President Oaks undressed him, kneeling down to untie his shoes and pull off his dress socks. He moved up to the boy’s belt, pulling at the cold metal closure and releasing Garrett from his pants. All the while, Elder Garrett stood still, not moving, not flinching, not so much as looking anywhere without the expressed direction of President Oaks.
This stationary stripping continued until Garrett was completely naked, his smooth skin exposed to the bright white room. President Oaks paused for a moment, looking at the beautiful body Elder Garrett presented to him. The young boy continued to stand, unashamed of his nakedness probably for the first time. He saw it was his duty and honor to give his body to President Oaks, and nothing could make him revert.
President Oaks took the boy by the hand and brought him up onto the altar, placing him such that he was sitting on the platform with his legs hanging off. He reached for a silver bottle of oil and spread a small pump of the silky liquid onto his hands. He took Elder Garrett’s left foot into his hands and began to run his palms over the base, massaging the oil into his skin and softly working the muscles within.
Elder Garrett closes his eyes. It felt so amazing. He’d never received a massage like this before and had no idea how good it could be. It was relaxing and calming. An unusual sense of pleasure for him. One-side in his direction, unfamiliar to his role in the Order.
President Oaks tooks his hands and massaged them as well. How lucky could he be to be given such pleasure?
And yes, the feeling wasn’t entirely without submission. As comforting as it felt, Elder Garrett was aware that he was still powerless to the older man’s touch. As his fingers massaged each nook and crannie of his hands, working the consecrated oil into his skin, his entire body coursed with erotic pleasure. All President Oaks had to do was work the tip of his finger and his entire being was subject to his control.
The president’s hands moved beyond his hands, finding their way up his arms and down his torso. His eyes seemed to suggest he was gently testing him, seeing just where to touch to make Elder Garrett’s breath shallow and his heart jump. One he found his way down to his loins, President Oaks knew the boy was his.
It was at that moment when the boy had kept his eyes closed that he felt the president reach for his hand again. He expected another massage, but instead he felt the cool feeling of metal wrap around a finger. He opened his eyes and saw a gold band on his ring finger, practically glowing against his skin in the bright, white room.
President Oaks made eye contact with him, and without saying any words, the two men exchanged solemn vows to each other, promising a future of service, sex, submission, and security. Elder Garrett had never been happier. The older man leaned in kissed him, as if to seal their union. No stange ceremony, no special words, just the dance of their tongues and their hearts pumping furiously in their chests.
President Oaks took Garrett by the hand and brought him to an adjacent room. Inside was a white, leather day bed, folded up like a couch. Garrett knew this room as well as the room he and Elder Xanders serviced Brothers Erying and Strang. Each step of his ordination reminded him of a moment on his journey, making him even hotter and hornier. And now that he belonged to the Brethren, he was desperate to be fucked.
President Oaks could feel the boy’s enthusiasm and bent him over the couch, positioning him such that his ass stuck up in the air as his arms rested on the back.
The silver haired daddy couldn’t help bring him mouth in on him, kissing and biting his cheeks like it was made of a delicious dessert. He licked his balls and his penis before diving in to devour his beautiful, eager hole.
Oaks moved his hands over Garrett’s body, taking brief rests to catch his breath and remove his clothing. Even as he removed his pants, he never once broke hand contact with the horny missionary.
Once he was fully undressed, President Oaks moved beside Garrett on the couch, sitting next to him. He took the boy by the hand and whispered, “come sit on me.”
Garrett moved himself over, splitting his body over President Oaks and straddling him with his legs. President Oaks wet the tip of his fully erect cock with his hand, placing it right at the warm hole of Elder Garrett.
Garrett hardly had to think to take the man inside him. It was as if nature had prepared him to fit President Oaks perfectly. The older man pushed deep inside him, spreading his hole apart with this thick cock.
“Oh, that’s good,” Oaks exhaled, feeling his member become enveloped by Garrett.
The young man worked himself up and down, returning the massage work back on President Oaks, squeezing his shaft up and down with his tight hole. He’d finally made it. And ordained member of the Order. And he was determined to live up to his calling. For now, especially, that meant working the cum out of President Oak’s heavy, hairy balls…


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