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Elder Garrett wasn’t quite sure how to proceed with his mission. He was terribly conflicted between what he thought he should do and what his leaders were telling him to do.
While he was at the MTC, Garrett understood that unquestioned obedience was critical to the success of a young Mormon. And he wanted more than anything to be seen highly by his leaders. But since having a secret calling extended to him by President Oaks, he found himself questioning everything he understood to be true.


With each passing rite on his journey of induction, the Brethren took turns stripping him, fondling him, and ultimately having sex with him. It was confusing enough to have sex with men, but he couldn’t deny that he was hugely turned on. He knew he shouldn’t, and somehow that only made it more exciting.
Being taken and used by these men…it was all he thought about anymore. His carnal thoughts consumed him.
What’s more, he found himself feeling more comfortable in his own skin. After his previous meeting with Bishop Angus, he felt himself becoming less self-conscious about his nakedness. Once he was on his back getting his ass licked by the handsome man, it was hard to be concerned about anything other than the intense pleasure.
Every day his mind was consumed with thoughts of his leaders and their male-only rituals. He walked around wondering when they’d call for him again. He found himself fantasizing about them in nearly every part of his day, especially at night. Fortunately, he did not have to wait long for the Brethren to summon him back to the temple.
Having been brought into dark basement of the temple by the patrons, he sat where instructed. A chair was placed in the center of the black void, disconnected from any other piece of furniture. He waited.
With nothing to see or hear, his mind began to wander deep into erotic thoughts, curious which of the temple leaders would receive him.
And then, three men entered the black room: President Oaks, President Nelson, and Bishop Angus.
His face flushed as he considered what was likely to transpire. The idea of him being naked and touched by the handsome group excited and terrified him. The three men surrounded him, each reaching out their hands and placing them stacked on top of his head.
He was instructed to close his eyes, and he obeyed. Having been called, he was to be set apart.
Elder Garrett felt his heart begin to race, followed shortly by an unexpected rise in his pants.
President Oaks and Nelson broke free from their stance and began to rapidly undress the seated missionary. Garrett knew he had no choice but to submit, allowing them complete access and agency over his body.
Bishop Oaks stood by, watching as his colleagues reduced the boy to a bare version of himself. With just garment shorts left to conceal his genitals, Elder Garrett felt swept in a whirlwind of arousal and anxiety as their hands navigated in and out of the sheer cloth.
Every time one of their strong, manly hands moved beneath his shorts, their fingers grazed and trailed the contours of his penis. They handled it carefully but possessively, feeling its tumescence and mass.
Garrett did enjoy the attention, but he was completely thrown off by his feelings of exposure and humiliation. He felt a strangeness by being naked in a room full of completely clothed men. Unable to object or protest, he swallowed his tension like a hard pill, and continued to do what was expected of him.
President Nelson directed President Oaks to perform oral sex on the boy. His gruff voice reverberated through the darkness, seeming to bellow out forever. As Oaks raised himself up to meet his crotch to the boy’s face, Bishop Angus flanked him on the other side.
“Put your hand on his cock.”
Oaks pulled his penis out of his pants and placed it in the boy’s mouth while Garrett massaged the front of the bishop’s crotch. The muscular leader pulled his penis out as well, giving the boy the chance to grab him and stroke him as he orally serviced his companion.
The salt and pepper president moaned delightedly as the young boy took him deep into his throat. Garrett didn’t get the chance to latch on too long before he was ordered to switch over to give attention to Angus.
The young boy moved back and forth between his two lovers, sucking and stroking by the orders of President Nelson. The dark haired man called out instructions with dominance and authority: stern, unyielding, and without any shred of leniency.
All three leaders undressed as the boy was passed between them, removing their clothing and garments as their cocks were worked to full erection.
Elder Garrett felt completely used. He knew he was there for nothing more than their satisfaction and pleasure. They were using his mouth to get off and he could do nothing about it. And yet, he couldn’t have been more turned on.
The young boy was positioned on all fours with his garment shorts pulled down. The leaders didn’t even bother taking them off, just tugging them such that the boy’s ass was exposed and available.
President Nelson pushed the boy’s mouth back onto Bishop Angus’ thick, hairy cock. The beefy man held him in place by his groin with both hands, relishing the feeling of Garrett’s lips wrapped tightly around him.
From behind, President Oaks stroked his cock slick with oil, preparing to stuff the young missionary’s hole.
As Oaks moved himself closer, President Nelson studied the boy’s body, making sure his back was arched just right and that his head was high enough to take the bishop’s member. He took the time to move him just right for their pleasure.
With a slow, steady motion, President Oaks pushed his way inside the boy’s warm hole, feeling his body shake and tense with his penetration. Even Bishop Angus could feel him tremble on the end of his cock. President Nelson told him to keep going, to keep taking it, and to be a good boy.
Elder Garrett felt a flood of emotion overwhelm him. With each pump from front and back, he felt a desire build from deep within. He wanted these men to fuck him harder. He wanted to make them happy. He wanted to be their fantasy and to give them everything they needed…


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