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Elder Garrett put his sacred temple robe back on, fidgeting with the string and draping fabric to cover his body.
He had just been presented at the ceremonial veil to the Brethren by Bishop Angus. He was instructed to touch and service a substantial manhood jutting through the sacred cloth.
Through a small hole in the center, the stranger’s large, hard erection poked through, seemingly growing longer as the boy’s shy mouth leant down to receive it.


Doing what he was told and hoping to make his leader’s proud, the young boy forced himself down on the silky skin stretched wide over the long hard shaft, working through the gagging and choking to see it through to its intended climax.
Elder Garrett was happy to do as the Brethren commanded. They’d shown him amazing love and affection throughout his induction. As a result, he managed to get further on the priesthood stretcher than he ever would have imagined.
This was also in part due to his own escalating desires, of course. But he knew it was partly due to the strength he was given by the handsome men overseeing his journey. He didn’t have the words to express his feelings for them, and he knew they had his best interest in mind.
Even as he tied his temple robe closed on his still-aroused body, he was aware just how much more comfortable he was in his own skin.
When he started his mission, he felt compelled to hide his nakedness from everyone. Now, he came to see his body as a superpower, capable of bringing great pleasure to others and that gave him confidence in himself.
As he made his way from to the next room, he could still taste the semen from the man at the veil on his tongue. It continued to excite him.
Temple patrons saw him through to his next destination, bringing him to a small corridor that gradually decreased in size until finally he was on his hands and knees approaching a small door in the wall.
Looking at the tiny door it seemed impossible that it would be the entrance to another room, but the young boy had begun to stop questioning the many new and unusual things that were presented before him.
Crawling on hands and knees through the tiny entrance, he came through into a clean, white space, containing nothing by a small window and a white bed. A sacred bed with a sacred purpose…the bed on which he would enter into the covenant with another man.
It was with no small amount of excitement that he fantasized about what was to follow. And he got hard imagining a ceremony during which he would be fucked senseless.
Breaking up the expanse of white stood the tall and shockingly handsome President Nelson. His tan complexion and jet-black hair were a stark contrast to the otherwise featureless space.
Before the boy could rise up from the small door and stand to his feet, Nelson reached down and grabbed him gently by the back of his neck, keeping the boy on his hands and knees. Nelson guided the boy on all fours to the edge of the bed, leading him like a well trained pet.
The President took a seat on the mattress and looked down at Elder Garrett. The boy stared eagerly into his chestnut eyes, excited and nervous for what he would be asked to do.
The handsome older man smiled as he looked down, seeing how much this eager boy wanted to please him.
“Take of my socks and shoes and wash my feet,” Nelson whispered. His tone was soft as if he was trying to avoid anyone hearing his deep voice echo.
Garrett suspected that no one would hear them or even look for them. Nevertheless, there was something sexy about the idea that this man was sneaking off to fuck him before anyone would wonder where they’d gone.
Garrett removed the man’s shoes, gently touching and rubbing his beautiful and manly bare feet before continuing to wash them.
“Stand up,” Nelson interrupted.
Garrett put the washcloth down and did as he was told.
Nelson stood up to catch the boy’s gaze. His eyes seemed to paralyze Garrett, stunning him with his intense good looks.
Nelson removed the boy’s temple robe, stripping him nude with the unquestioned authority of a truly dominant male.
Placing the boy back on his knees, he presented his crotch to the boy’s face, making him kneel and worship his penis.
Elder Garrett could practically feel heat coming from the man’s cock. He could even smell its musk through the white pants that cupped, supported and trapped it.
Of course, Nelson was determined to see this boy service him, and began unbuckling his pants.
He ordered the boy to be patient, watching as his mouth watered beneath him. Garrett’s eyes went wide as the man stripped down further and further. By the time he was down to his semi-sheer garments, he could clearly see his thick, tan cock.
The boy continued to wait, watching his ripped body emerge. Finally, Nelson said the words that practically made the boy choke on his saliva.
“Suck on my cock.”
Like a dog trained to wait for a treat, Elder Garrett hardly heard the words before his mouth was wrapped firmly around his impressive shaft.
He moaned loudly as it filled his mouth, teasing his tongue with the sensation of warm flesh brushing past it back and forth.
“You like that cock?” Nelson asked, watching as the boy was unable to answer with the tip of his dick sliding past the boy’s tonsils.
Nelson kicked off his garment bottoms, and returned to his strong stance, straddling the boy’s face as the boy continued to service him passionately and selflessly.
Between the two large cocks, Elder Garrett felt he had hit some kind of Mormon lottery. How lucky can a young boy get?
President Nelson, however, knew this was just the warm up. The boy proved his love and devotion to the men of the Brethren, but it was now time to join their flesh together as one. He would soon enter the boy with his massive member.
The sacred nature of the covenant requires that the handsome youth be inseminated properly and repeatedly. The boy’s entrance into the covenant would not be complete until he was ordained.
As exciting as the previous steps had been, the Brethren were just getting their dicks hard and wet in preparation.


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