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Elder Land’s skin tingled as Bishop Gibson moved around him. It was an unusual sensation, like goosebumps, but better. Something about standing next to the handsome man while he was completely naked stirred up something inside him.
Save for the temple shield he was provided, he was as naked as he was back when the handsome bishop had fucked him back in his office. This moment was different, however.


Bishop Gibson was performing the sacred initiation ceremony, speaking the words of the ritual and anointing his parts from head to toe. He proceeded very formalized, fitting the state of his dress. His shirt was neatly pressed, tie tied in a sturdy knot, and his pants were crisp with the one appropriate crease.
This ceremonial attire is very unique and quite handsome, but also standard for a male ordinance worker to wear in the temple.
But there was something about the formal nature of his attire, and the ceremony, and his words. For someone who had not long ago fucked him and inseminated him, the formal way he spoke and moved about him was intensely arousing.
Elder Land wondered if he’d imagined the whole thing. It wasn’t until the bishop’s bulge could clearly be seen through his white pants that the boy sensed the return of attraction.
Bishop Gibson’s touches lingered longer and longer. His manipulation of his body parts became more like groping than gesturing. Especially when the bearded man moved his digits down toward his crotch.
Elder Land didn’t know what to do and tried to remain still and respectful during the ritual, but his baser instincts got the better of him. Before he knew it, he was sporting a fully standing erection in front of Bishop Gibson.
The bishop continued along, hardly acknowledging the boy’s penis. He moved it out of the way when he needed to and blessed the rest of his body. It was a strange and heady experience.
Gibson knelt down to bless the boy’s legs and feet, bringing his face at the same level as the boy’s conspicuous boner. Bishop Gibson took the boy’s genitals in his hands, stroking his shaft and testicles, and finished the ceremony by anointing his loins.
Elder Land felt his hole tighten and his breath flutter as he felt his warm hands caress him. He knew it was wrong but he wanted dearly to be back in the place where Bishop Gibson was inside him, filling him and fucking him. And this touch made him feel like he was getting there.
Bishop Gibson took to his feet and stood next to the naked boy. He brought his mouth to Land’s and kissed him softly. Land closed his eyes as he felt the soft hairs of the man’s blonde beard graze his face.
The older man took the boy’s hand and sat him down on a nearby stool. Gibson then took the boy’s shield and moved it back over his shoulders, opening his naked torso to full exposure and access.
Gibson looked down at the sexy, seated missionary as he began to remove his jacket and tie. Land looked back up at him, biting his lower lip gently in anticipation of what would come next.
Gibson began to unbutton his shirt and roll up his sleeves when he noticed the shiny tip of the boy’s cock, glistening with a sudden secretion of pre-cum. His eyes widened and he feel to his knees, eager to get a taste.
Taking the boy’s cock into his mouth, he sucked on him deep, hoping to get more of the boy’s sweet juice onto his tongue. What little he got was enough to leave him hungry for more. Elder Land moaned as he felt his groin being sucked and stroked, loving every wave of sensation that accompanied the older man’s actions.
Bishop Gibson turned the boy around on the stool, feeling the craving for a more substantial meal. He removed Land’s shield as the boy bent over and placed his smooth, soft hole up in the air for him to see. It was more beautiful than the older man remembered.
Slowly, Gibson removed his shirt and pants, stripping down to just his garments. He pulled his cock out through the front slit and stroked it as he became mesmerized on the boy’s butt.
Bending over the boy’s body, Bishop Gibson leaned his head down between the boy’s cheeks, pressing his furry face softly into his hole. He inhaled deeply before he let his salivating tongue loose on the Land’s hole. It was sweeter than honey.
With one hand on his cock and the other pressed firmly on that far cheek of the boy’s butt, Bishop Gibson kissed and licked the boy’s hole over and over. His lips wrapped around it and sucked hard, teasing the boy with feelings of intense teasing, tickling, and suction.
Elder Land felt dizzy, overwhelmed by the rush of sensations pulsating out from his behind. He’d always loved to play with his hole and saw it as his primary source of sexual satisfaction. And now, Bishop Gibson was working it and using it in ways he’d never thought of.
The young missionary held tightly onto the stool he was bent over as Gibson’s soft beard hairs brushed up and over his wet, open hole.
Bishop Gibson leaned up from his savory dish and stood up to remove his garments. Elder Land looked back to see the man wiping excess saliva from his mouth as his underwear came off to reveal his lean, athletic, furry boy. He had the look of the big bad wolf about to bite into his little red hole.
The older man ran his fingers over Land’s taught pucker, feeling it react on their tips, teased into wanting to take them in. He leaned in one last time to taste the sweet ass. As his tongue ran across it one more time, he shot his head up and knelt directly behind the bent over boy.
Elder Land had thought about being fucked again by the bishop over and over. He tried not to, but for days following, his sore hole was in unavoidable reminder of just how much he wanted it. And now, having been kissed and licked long by the sexy older man, Elder Land could have practically begged for his cock.
As if hearing the secret wish, Gibson moved himself closer and placed the head of his member directly up to mouth of the boy’s ass. He kept it still for a moment, watching the hole pulsate and quiver sensing its fate.
Placing a gentle hand on the side of his hip, Gibson moved in slowly as Elder Land took a deep, calming breath. In unison, the two did what was necessary for the bishop to make his way inside the boy’s wet hole all the way to the base with one, steady, constant motion.
Once inside, he held himself firmly in place, letting the boy’s hole adjust to it’s new state. Pressed apart and filled by his cock, Land’s ass shook around his shaft, tightening and pulsing around him. Gibson closed his eyes, too, feeling the incredible sensation of fucking in place. There’s nothing quite like the hole of a boy who wants you more than anything else.
After a moment, Gibson let his hips move, moving in and out of the boy’s insides, going deeper each time. Elder Land’s moans grew louder as he managed to take the man harder and faster. Gibson knew the boy was special and deserved the rimjob he’d been given to feel good. But now it was his turn, and he wasn’t going to stop until the young boy’s insides were completely coated with his seed…


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