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Elder Land was excited for his meeting with President Faust. He knew he was set to be ordained into the higher priesthood order, an idea that both intrigued him and challenged him.
He’d fought so long to fight off his urges for other men, trying not to think about his fantasies or his attractions. And despite all that, the Brethren managed to intervene just when he was most vulnerable and transformed him into a loyal servant.

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No one can take more responsibility for this change that President Faust. While Bishop Gibson may have been the source of the boy’s weakness, President Faust nurtured him and trained him to be a model of priesthood in the secret all-male sex cult.
As soon as President Faust entered the private ceremony room, dressed in his finest white suit befitting the occasion, his eyes went immediately to the fresh faced missionary who stood and waited.
Elder Land was cleanly presented as well, dressed in a fresh shirt, straight tie, name badge perfectly in place. He lacked the nervous expression he’d had when he first met with President Faust, but his innocent face still reflected his unquestioning obedience.
Faust walked up to him, stepping closer and closer, until he was able to press his body against his, holding him close, and kissing him softly on his supple lips.
Elder Land still couldn’t get past just how handsome Faust was. And in his suit and spectacles, he projected a power and authority that made him unable to resist his advances. In fact, it only turned him on more.
Land’s smooth, clean shaven face was gently scratched and tickled by Faust’s salt and pepper beard as the two continued to embrace, working discretely to remove one another’s clothing as they did their best to stay lip locked.
It didn’t take long for Elder Land to be stripped down to just his garment shorts, his crotch pointed out toward the handsome older man with a full erection. Faust had seen many boy rock hard in his presence, but he always appreciated what it meant.
For Elder Land, he knew that it reflected his respect for him, his desire for him, and even his willingness to be weak for him. Elder Land truly belonged to him in a way he’d fought so hard to belong to any man. But whenever Faust made him hard, he knew that he was his in mind and heart.
Faust removed his shirt and jacket, exposing his full, hairy, barrel chest. He played with the boy’s erection a while before pulling down Land’s shorts, letting his boy cock stand unrestrained before him.
Taking a knee, Faust took the boy’s member in his mouth, kissing it and sucking it lovingly and passionately. He was proud of him. He’d come a long way and had shown so much loyalty and growth. By his own hands, he’d become a man capable of great service and submission. It was hard for him not to feel a sense of paternalism, even as he rolled the boy’s shaft over his tongue.
He stood back up, giving the boy another kiss before Land knelt down in turn. The eager boy pulled down the older man’s pants and garment shorts, letting the full glory of his penis and balls hang freely in front of his face.
He loved seeing it. He couldn’t explain it, but it was a true masterpiece to behold. It wasn’t the biggest or the thickest, but it was President Faust’s–and Faust was everything to him.
He took it in his mouth slowly, exhaling through his nose as it made it’s way toward his throat. Everything about the way it tasted and smelled made him insatiable. The feeling of it inside his mouth excited him more and more, and he could feel his hole heating up in anticipation.
President Faust, too, was getting excited for the boy’s inevitable insemination. The warm, wet feeling of Land’s mouth was incredible, but it was no match the tight, velvety insides of his bubble butt.
Faust held back as long as he could from taking the boy, letting him enjoy the feeling of servicing his cock orally. He knew it would only make him harder and wetter for entry when the time came. But even with his experience and wisdom, he was finding it harder and harder to hold back his alpha male urges to mount and breed.
He could see a drop of saliva drip down the boy’s chin as he continued to suck his cock, showing how hungry he was for him. Faust took his hand the boy’s face and with his thumb, gently pushed it into the boy’s mouth, letting him suck it off his hand. The look in Land’s face as he sucked was the final straw. President Faust could not deny himself any longer.
Taking a seat on a nearby daybed, the President spread his legs wide and positioned his wet cock up toward the ceiling. Land didn’t need a single order to know what he was to do next.
Crawling up on top of him, mounting himself over President Faust’s lap, Elder Land placed his supple butt over the man’s hard erection, lowering himself down upon it with a confident grace and movement that impressed even his mentor.
As his hole pressed down, Faust’s cock head slid inside him with ease. It was like he was born to take him. It was gentle and sweet, and before they knew it, they were connected. Physically and spiritually, they were one.
Elder Land bounced up and down on the president’s lap, feeling his cock open him up and fill him deeper and deeper, moving with his rocking.
President Faust was happy to see the boy take him with ease, but he knew this was only the beginning. His love and passion for the young boy was too strong to idly sit by and let the boy ride him.
He needed to fuck him. Hard. And passionately. He wanted to make this boy know how special he was by fucking him so deep that he’d feel it for days. The kind of aggressive pounding that he’d earned.
A wicked smile came across his face as he locked eyes with the horny elder, curious if he had any idea what was still in store for his eager hole…

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