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Elder Land stared up at his ceiling all night. His companion was fast asleep, long mellowed by the mundanity of their day. But Elder Land was stuck thinking about what had he’d learned.
Following his invasive meeting with President Faust–a meeting in which he was aggressively fondled and milked–the older man told him about a secret organization known simply as The Order.


Elder Land was barely able to catch his breath from his exhaustive climax and couldn’t stop looking at his load as Faust took a cloth and wiped it from his hand. Between his deep breaths and pounding heart beats, he listened as President Faust explained the secret fraternal organization and how he was being invited to be inducted and tried for his worthiness.
He didn’t know what it was more than that, but knew he wanted in. He instinctively knew this would help him manage his same-sex attraction.
Maybe they had secrets and a deeper understanding of sexuality that others didn’t have?
…Or maybe this was a trick.
But then he remembered there was a strange quote from Joseph Smith to the other early brethren of the church. He told a select group of converts that if they knew all the things that he knew about sex, they would want to take his life.
What could he possibly have meant?
Lying awake, his mind explored every possible option of what he should do and what the consequences of his action or inaction might be. He counted scenarios like he was counting sheep, and similarly, he went to be listless and uneasy.
When he awoke, he thought he’d continue on with his missionary work. Maybe he could pretend nothing happened and ignore this new information about The Order. Other Mormon boys seemed to be fine without it and he’d probably be better off without it.
He was perfectly content in this until he received a call from his mission president. He would be going on splits. His companion would stay in their area, but he would be heading to the temple.
He was told that he would receive a special calling.
Once he got there, a temple patron stopped him on his way inside the temple and told him that the Brethren had requested his presence in office of the temple president. There he was to meet with Bishop Gibson.
That did it. Bishop Gibson. The handsome, powerful, and tempting. The one thing that strayed him from true virtue.
He nodded timidly and made his way to the temple president’s office to meet with the bishop.
A part of him deep down thought maybe he should be running the opposite direction, but he knew just as deeply that he’d never forgive himself if he let this opportunity pass him by.
As soon as he entered the office of the president, he was told to take a seat.
“I’m here to formally invite you into The Order,” the handsome man said to him, sitting behind his desk, blue eyes focused on the boy’s apprehensive expression. “Do you know what that means?”
Elder Land gulped, intimidated by how powerless he felt in front of him. “I’ve heard of it,” he stammered, “but I don’t know quite what to expect.”
“It means that you do everything I ask you to do,” said the bishop. “And you can begin by standing up.”
Elder Land did as he was told. Even when he was told to take off his shirt, he did was he was told. When Bishop Gibson told him to take off his pants, that’s the first time he blinked.
“Excuse me?” Land asked, surprised, mostly in disbelief that Gibson of all people was asking this of him.
“If you want to join the Order,” the bearded man spoke slowly and deliberately, “you must do everything I say. Take off your pants.”
And with that, Elder Land did. He wanted to make Bishop Gibson like him, even if it meant undressing in front of him and betraying his efforts to avoid same-sex encounters. This blind submission hit another road bump, however, when he was told to remove his garments.
“Take off your undergarments.”
Land paused. He felt frozen. Still wasn’t sure this wasn’t a trip of some kind. He hesitated.
“I said, take off your undergarments.”
Bishop Gibson could see his fear. It was enough to make the otherwise tan-skinned, healthy young boy look white as a ghost. The older man was struck with a moment of empathy, and in a kinder, gentler, almost paternal way gestured and said, “Come here.”
Elder Land stepped closer. He took shallow breaths with each step, waiting to see what would happen. His unspoken question was answered when Bishop Gibson ran a hand over his stomach, feeling under the shirt of his garments, tracing his fingertips over his abs.
Elder Land had a tight, muscular body. It was compact like a gymnast’s, strong and masculine. It was seemingly at odds with his delicate and boyish face, making him look caught between adolescence and adulthood.
Bishop Gibson took a moment to consider him and stated in a seductive whisper, “You must do everything we say.”
With that, he took a hand to the boy’s genitals, feeling them swell beneath the fabric of his garments, and listening as Land panted quietly inside his broad chest. Elder Land didn’t want to get hard, he didn’t even want to be aroused, but his body once again turned on him and revealed his true desires to a member of the priesthood.
“Nice. Very nice.”
Bishop Gibson pulled off Land’s garments, revealing his smooth, athletic frame. He studied it for moment before continuing, “Get on the desk.”
Gibson stood up, clearing space for Land to move. The boy hesitated only for a second before getting on top of the desk as asked. It was strange and bizarre, but in a way, this was the fantasy he’d spent so many quiet, illicit moments fantasizing about. To have Bishop Gibson see him and want him.
With his ass high in the air, his muscular backside was practically calling to the powerful bishop. He walked around the perimeter of the desk, checking out his young catch from all sides.
When he stopped behind him, he gently pulled his penis back, pointing it’s hard, stiff length straight down. He played with his balls, too, watching them fall in place. But his real joy came when he leaned down and took a taste of Land’s tight hole.
“Very nice,” he whispered, almost to himself, as he came up from his first sampling. He licked his lips and savored him like he was delicious snack. He dove his face back down, harder this time, intentionally running the soft bristles of his beard against Land’s delicate, eager hole. As his mouth trailed over it, he could feel it react on the tip of his tongue.
Elder Land was in ecstasy, but he was still torn about his feelings. Were it not for the fear of hell and all the damnation he’d been taught, being sensually tasted by Bishop Gibson would be his version of heaven. His mind and body were locked, however, on all fours on that desk. Nothing save for the words of Bishop Gibson could get him off.
The older man lifted up from the boy’s hole and moved around to his front side. He looked in the wide, aroused eyes of his inductee, then down to his pouty lips.
“Kneel,” he ordered, with the precise severity of a trainer to a pet dog. And like a well trained pup, Elder Land was quick down to his knees.
Bishop Gibson pointed casually to his crotch as he pulled his penis out through the pants zipper. It was clear to the young boy what that meant as he was fast to throw those pouty lips around the handsome man’s member.
It tasted better than he imagined. Inhaling the scent of his crotch and sucking down the shaft of his penis, Elder Land worshipped his crush’s cock.
Bishop Gibson looked down, unbuttoning his shirt and removing his belt. He was impressed. This boy was working hard for him. Really showing his devotion to him. And obeying every command he laid out.
The older man continued to strip down, losing his clothing piece by piece while Elder Land never once lost sight of his mission: to serve. The only thing that fought for his attention was the gentle, appreciative way Bishop Angus ran a hand on the back of his head as he bobbed up and down on his shaft. It was subtle and soft, but it gave him a feeling unlike anything he’d hoped to receive before.
“I want you on the desk,” Gibson said softly. His tone wasn’t harsh, but simply direct. It spoke to Land in that same way the touch of his hand did. It made him submit, but only because deep down Land wanted to.
Elder Land moved back to the desk, leaning over it and placing his hands flat on its surface. Behind him, Bishop Gibson removed the remainder of his clothing, stripping down naked. Land stole a look back, seeing the man’s amazing body. It was better than he fantasized, and it was right there with him.
Bishop Gibson stood closer to him, stroking his hard, wet cock, placing a hand on the boy’s soft butt. He ran a finger up the crack of his ass, teasing his hole as it moved.
Without much else, Gibson planted his penis where his finger had trailed, pressing it up against the tight pucker of his ass. Land closed his eyes, feeling the soft, golden hairs of the man’s stomach and legs press against him as he made himself closer and closer.
Soon, it seemed as if he couldn’t get closer, pressing hard against the timid hole of Elder Land. The young boy took a breath, bit his lip, and exhaled slowly as he felt the fullness of Bishop Gibson slide inside him.
Was he dreaming? Could this be real? How is it that he’s having sex with him?
Bishop Gibson placed a hand on the boy’s shoulders, holding him tight as he moved himself even deeper. Once he was all the way, he could hear the end of the boy’s sustained breath turn into a moan. He hit the spot.
Bishop Gibson had his target set. He pumped himself increasingly faster and faster, pounding his substantial member against the boy’s inside, making him moan louder and louder. And he knew he wouldn’t stop until the boy was oozing cum all over the desk…


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