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Elder Lund walked away from a meeting at the temple with President Ballard in shock. How had he come to be in this position? How is it that he had just cum from the president’s hand?
He felt an intense guilt about it, knowing that not only had he been part of a homosexual act once more, but that he really, really liked it. Maybe it was because it wasn’t his choice? Because someone else was calling the shots?
In that light it didn’t really seem all that gay.


But deep down, he knew that nothing had ever been more consequential. And furthermore, something had changed for him.
President Ballard assured him that nothing would happen to him as long as he did as he and the men of the Order instructed.
He’d never heard of the Order and had no idea who the men were.
…but he was more concerned about not getting kicked out than he was about getting more details.
Ballard instructed him to go home, clean up, and wait to be called. The boy did, playing the moment of his climax over and over in his head. He wished the thoughts would just go away, but something about being that vulnerable and controlled surprisingly excited him.
It took a couple days before he was finally called, during which he was distracted and quiet with his companion. The anticipation of what would happen chewed away at him so much that he nearly screamed for joy when he was told to return the temple.
This enthusiasm waned slightly as he made his way into the office of Bishop Angus. The beefy muscle bear sat behind his desk somehow imposing his authority on the tiny Mormon boy. He was easily twice his size and looked like a paragon of masculine power.
“Step towards me,” Bishop Angus ordered, taking no time to even welcome him in or introduce himself. It was clear in his gaze that they both knew why he was there and that he had no choice about it.
“I’m going to have you take off your clothes,” he continued, watching Lund quietly and shyly step closer. “Starting with your pants.”
Elder Lund felt powerless once again. A tingling sensation crept up his spine as he lost all sense of autonomy. His hands moved as if independent from his brain toward his belt buckle, proceeding to undress before the older man.
Once his shoes were off and his pants dropped to the floor, Bishop Angus, still seated in his office chair, wheeled himself closer. His immediately went to the boy’s genitals, lifting up the long, draping, white shirt to access his crotch. He gave the boy a decisive look, indicating clearly to Lund that he was to hold his shirt up to keep this area free for Angus to work.
And he did. Elder Lund was surprised at himself just how passive and pliable he was. Standing there, holding his shirt up, he watched as Bishop Angus moved his hands over his penis, massaging it over and under his garment shorts, even placing his beefy hand inside to stroke him and arouse him against his will.
It all seemed strange and foreign, but what could he do?
Bishop Angus pulled the boy’s shorts down and took a look at his swollen member. The boy was so rail thin but his cock was very large and thick. It was one of Angus’ most favorite ironies in life seeing small boys with big cocks. Without hesitation or permission, he placed the boy’s penis in his mouth and began to suck and taste him.
Elder Lund couldn’t deny how good it felt. It had been so long since he’d touched himself and for the second time he was getting incredible pleasure from an older man. As he passively received his blowjob, he tried not to let the questions of his sexuality block his pleasure. He couldn’t stop it, so he might as well enjoy it.
Bishop Angus stood up and looked Elder Lund in the eye. Lund could see the full size of the man now, nearly as wide as a doorframe with a thick, full beard. The adolescent boy nearly trembled.
Angus took the boy and moved him to the front of the desk, placing him on his knees. From here, he undid his own belt and pants, revealing the white mound underneath of garment and cock.
The bishop pushed the boy’s face down upon it, making him inhale the musk of his manly pubes. Elder Lund closed his eyes hesitantly, only to then find the fragrance alluring and seducing. Is that what a real man smells like?
The question hazed his judgement and his mouth opened on the swollen phallus. Even through the fabric of the shorts, he could taste the man’s cock as it passed by his lips and onto his tongue. The sheer fabric soon went transparent as his saliva collected, giving him a sight of the impressive piece.
With Elder Lund occupied, Bishop Angus quickly removed his remaining clothes, unbuttoning his shirt and stripping off his garments. Once he was bare chested, Lund looked up and saw the furry chest of the mighty man towering above him. He seemed superhuman, like a titan.
When Angus removed his shorts, Lund was so enthralled that he took the entire thick dick into his mouth, feeling it fill him and press on the back of his throat.
Bishop Angus placed his massive hands around the back of the boy’s neck, holding him in place and making him take more of him in his mouth.
Elder Lund kept moving his mouth over him, hoping to get more, taste more, do more. While he felt powerless, he was enamored with just how powerful Bishop Angus was. He wanted to please him. To satisfy him. To prove that he was somehow worthy of him.
Bishop Angus could see that look in his eyes. He took a hand from the boy’s neck and placed a finger in his mouth, poking around at the warm, wet orifice, feeling the velveteen smoothness of its insides.
As he looked down at Lund, he saw the transformation to submissive complete. He smiled, feeling around the boy’s mouth more, and curious to see what his tongue would look like glazed over with his load…


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