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Elder Sorenson was no stranger to getting to fucked by the Brethren. He’d risen to a level of greet esteem among their ranks as both a dedicated servant and recruiter for the Order.
For all the joy and fulfillment he’d received, he still was waiting for the day he would be ordained a member of the Order.
Early in his induction, he and Bishop Angus formed a special connection, and the boy fucked the man on the bishop’s desk! It was unlike anything else he’d experienced to feel his boy cock slide inside the strong ass of this handsome man.


Since then, their bond had become stronger. It wasn’t a stretch to say Bishop Angus had become like a father to him. He’d go to him for guidance and advice, and Angus would always welcome him with a warm, paternal smile.
Despite their closeness, it had been so long since the two were sexually intimate.
And Elder Sorenson missed feeling Angus’ cock inside him.
Sorenson had plenty of sex with the other missionaries, but he truly desired Angus and he longed for the higher priesthood.
And finally it seemed the day of his ordination had arrived.
Bishop Angus called him to the temple, and told him that it was his turn to receive the fullness of the priesthood.
Elder Sorenson prepared himself, making sure his shirt and tie were presentable and that his pants were properly pressed. He wasn’t sure what took place during this sacred ceremony, but he was certain that he would be ready for whatever the Brethren asked of him.
He made his way through the temple, following the directions he’d been given. He had spent so much time there, he could find his way in the dark if need be. Once he arrived at the altar room, he saw Bishop Angus waiting for him.
Elder Sorenson could hardly contain his love for this man. Not only was he sweet and kind and caring, but he couldn’t be hotter! His broad, muscular body and thick beard made him the stuff of fantasies, and his salt and pepper beard give him a distinguished appearance that only cemented his authority.
Without saying a word, the two walked toward each other, staring into each other’s impassioned eyes. Bishop Angus grabbed at the boy’s tie, pulling him closer. He then grabbed him by the neck and brought him in for a deep, heated kiss.
The two men pawed at each other all over, hungry to feel the other’s body through their clothes. Before long, their hands were grabbing at crotches and clothing, feeling each other up as they tried to undress each other.
Bishop Angus removed Sorenson’s shirt and pants, stripping him down to his garments. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have the love and devotion of such a beautiful young man. He, too, felt the power of their bond and couldn’t be prouder of him.
He worshipped Sorenson’s body, and today, he was going to show it.
He lifted the young man up onto the altar behind them, placing him down gently like he was a sacred gift. He continued to strip off the boy’s socks, taking the time to kiss and lick his soft, smooth feet.
Reaching for a bottle of consecrated oil, he pumped out the liquid onto his hands and began to massage Elder Sorenson’s legs. The young man felt his heart pounding in his chest, completely aroused and exhilarated by the Bishop’s warm touch.
His hands moved up Sorenson’s legs and thighs, stopping to remove his shirt. The older man paused to stare pleased at the boy’s tight, smooth torso, completely flat save for the definition of abs and chest.
Bishop Angus smiled and leaned in for a kiss. He rubbed a hand over the boy’s body, carefully caressing warm oil into his flesh. As he closed in on a kiss, he opened his mouth to exhale, still tasting the boy’s tongue on his lips, and whispered under his breath, “That’s my boy.”
The muscle daddy then gently pushed the boy back, guiding him to lie down on the altar. He tugged at his garment shorts, peeling it off him to leave him completely nude. He then turned him over unto his stomach, giving him a unfettered view of the boy’s perfect honey colored hole.
Angus pressed his big hands against the boy’s cheeks, watching as it kneeded under his fingers. He wanted to give him a massage, but he knew he had to taste him. It couldn’t be helped.
Bishop Angus pressed his mouth down on Elder Sorenson’s exposed hole, running his tongue long against it, feeling it clench tight.
The young man’s whole body belted as he felt his warm mouth and soft beard brush against him. He arched his back high, giving Angus completely access to him.
Angus turned to the side, probing at his hole with just his fingers, feeling it heat up from excitement.
“That’s a great little hole you have.”
“Thank you,” replied Sorenson gleefully.
It was all he wanted–to feel loved and desired by him. And with each massaging touch and taste, he felt complete.
Angus moved to the front of the young man, lifting him up and sitting him back down on the altar. He held him close and kissed him deeply. He ran his hands over his neck and shoulders, making him feel completely ecstatic.
The older man then pulled out from his pocket a gold ring.
Sorenson wasn’t sure what to think. Angus reached for his hand and placed it on his finger, pushing it down with his mouth and sucking on him as he went. Sorenson knew this was special. Something important. His heart fluttered in his chest and he kissed the man back.
Angus was claiming Sorensen as his own. And the boy instinctively knew that with this part of the ceremony, this meant he was now sealed to this man.
Elder Sorensen had never been happier in his life.
Angus smiled wide. He seemed to be glowing with excitement. He took the boy’s hand again and led him off to another room where a white couch sat in the center.
Bishop Angus pulled on the boy’s penis gently, feeling how hard and warm it was in his hand. He then began to unbutton his shirt and remove his clothing. Sorenson couldn’t resist assisting, taking off his belt as he felt his desire grow.
Once Angus was down to his garments, Sorenson removed his shirt, taking in the raw sight of his handsome companion. Bishop Angus’ chest was full and strong, covered in soft, dark hairs. His arms and shoulders were massive, rounding off his torso like a Greek god.
Sorenson fell to his knees and pulled down the man’s shorts, watching as his thick, engorged penis fell free from its concealment. He hungrily threw his mouth down upon it, filling his mouth with the man’s sex, tasting his flesh like it was sweet candy.
Once his penis was wet enough, Bishop Angus moved the boy to the couch, positioning him up against the back such that his legs were spread wide and his hole was full exposed. He reached for some oil and gently spread it over Sorenson’s tight sphincter.
“That’s tight,” he said, slowly pressing his thumb against it, watching to see how the young boy could take it. As soon as he got to the first knuckle, he knew he was ready.
Bishop Angus stood behind him, running his hands over the boy’s hips, caressing him to be calm and content. He wanted to make love to him more than anything else.
He carefully placed the tip of his erection against his hole, feeling it slide against the slick sides of his butt. With a slow push forward, he watched as the young man opened up to receive him.
Elder Sorenson let out a loud moan as the man’s cock filled his hole. He’d fantasized about it so many times. The only thing he knew that would make him happier is when he felt Angus’ load burst deep inside him. He would know then that he was finally his…


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