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Following his meeting with Bishop Angus, Elder Xanders was beginning to get a clearer sense of his purpose now. The more he submitted and did as the priesthood asked, the more he was praised and rewarded. Not only is he being brought into the secret fraternity of the Order, he is also getting his butt filled with their cum.
Word had begun to spread around the Brethren just how incredible a sight it was to see Elder Xanders submit. His small frame and his smooth hole combined with his eagerness to serve was the stuff of fantasies. Every member of the senior leadership wanted to sample just how sweet he was.


Brother Strang and Brother Iring could not stop thinking about the young boy and were determined to see what he was capable of. Brother Strang had already had the chance to fuck the boy, but he wanted more.
While his companion was meeting with President Oaks, Strang invited the boy to join his weekly leadership meeting.
Xanders was now savvy enough to know this was likely going to mean another session of fucking.
With no small degree of excitement, Xanders agreed to go and do as was asked.
Elder Xanders and his companion split up at the mission home where he understood Brother Strang would be waiting. He went upstairs and knocked gently on the frame of the open door.
“Elder Xanders, come here,” Brother Strang called, warm and friendly in his tone.
As Xanders made his way in, he saw Brother Iring standing beside him. The presence of the handsome second man was exciting. After his last ceremony, he was comfortable with the idea of an extra set of hands.
The exchange that followed was precisely what he had been expecting.
“Bishop Angus told me what you’ve been up to. Think you’re man enough for me?”
Elder Xanders responded, “Yeah,” curious what that exactly would entail.
“Come closer,” Strang ordered. Elder Xanders obeyed.
Once he was standing next to Brother Strang, he could see Brother Iring’s eyes moving up and down his body. They were wide behind his thick, black rimmed glasses.
He had a wispy beard that surrounded his pressed mouth, slightly upturned in a smile that turned the boy on. At first glance he would have had the classic appearance of a Mormon man. A closer study revealed someone with darker intents.
“Brother Iring, Brother Strang spoke up, “help get him out of his clothes.”
Brother Iring came close up to Elder Xanders, unbuttoning his shirt and removing his clothes slowly. His careful fingers trailed along the missionary’ body as he went, delighted to touch the little boy’s eighteen year old flesh.
Once his pants were dropped and garments exposed, Iring removed his undershirt, revealing Xanders’ smooth, creamy skin. Unable to resist his lascivious desires, the older man dropped to his knees and began to run his mouth along the waistline of the boy’s shorts.
He kissed him softly, moving around Xanders’ narrow hips, brushing his bearded chin against the boy’s concealed erection. He couldn’t get over how young he looked. He lowered his mouth down and ran his lips against the curve of his penis. Seeing this boy stuck between adolescence and adulthood made him more excited than he could have imagined.
Brother Strang looked on and stroked himself through his pants. He enjoyed seeing his friend touch the young boy. He remembered how good he tasted and had waited long enough to dip back in.
Standing up, Strang towered over the excited boy, seeing his penis swell larger under his shorts. He leaned in and kissed him, liking his lips between each embrace.
Brother Iring lowered the boy’s shorts, watching with delight as the boy’s fully erect member fell from its constraint. He was quick to run his tongue along it, feeling its heat and heft in his mouth. Once it was sufficiently wet and tease, he brought it back into his throat.
Iring moaned with delight as he felt the young boy’s penis swell on his tongue. Strang watched as the Xanders instinctively rocked his hips back and forth, as if he were fucking the older man’s mouth. It excited him to see this drive manifest in the young missionary, and knew he wanted to see how far he could take it.
Elder Strang removed his tie and pants, letting his erection stand tall under his garments. He pulled his penis out and guided Xanders’ mouth down upon it. Xanders sucked on his shaft, leaning down into his crotch, all the while continuing to receive oral satisfaction from Brother Iring.
Elder Xanders couldn’t tell what he enjoyed more: getting blown or blowing. Before he could decide, Strang pushed him down on the bed beside him. Xanders was so small and light that he practically flew across the room from the push of one hand.
Brother Strang removed his garment shorts and crawled up onto the bed after the young boy. With his ass exposed and in the air, he turned back to Brother Iring and ordered, “Get my ass ready.”
The lustful Brother Iring carefully played with Strang’s hairy butt, stroking his penis, tugging his balls, and running his fingers over his hole. He would occasionally bring his fingers to his mouth, wetting the tips, and bringing them back to the tall man’s hole. His sexual curiosity and obsession gave him a unique focus to ready and service his companion’s hole, all while Brother Strang remained focus on Elder Xanders.
Brother Strang was much larger than Elder Xanders. When the two were face to face, Xander’s legs barely made it to his knees. As he kissed him, he really felt like he was kissing a little boy. A little boy whose erection was poking him in stomach. The unsavory nature of it all gave him a total rush, making him want him all the more.
Once he’d toyed with the boy’s body all he could stand, he craved to see the young boy mount him.
“Ready to show me what you’ve got?”
Elder Xanders nodded, breathing heavily. He moved around to the edge of the bed, standing behind the bent over leader. Even as he stood, he still felt tiny next to the taller brother. Brother Iring stood behind him, resting his fingers lightly on the boy’s hips.
As Elder Xanders grabbed his penis and began to mount it against Brother Strang’s hole, Iring used his own hands to assist him in making his connection. Iring looked down over the boy’s shoulder, eager to watch the little boy penetrate the Strang’s butt.
The dirty minded Mormon loved the idea of seeing this little boy fuck this tall, bearded man. The only thing better would be seeing his young, virile load dripping from the leader’s ass…


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