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Elder Xanders could still taste the cum in his mouth. It had a strong, potent flavor that lingered on his tongue well after he’d swallowed.
When he came to the temple, he was brought to a white veil and told to surrender completely. It was time for him to receive the priesthood endowment.
Down on his knees, he watched as a large, hard penis presented through a hole in the veil. Bishop Angus stood by and watched him, guiding him to suck and service. Elder Xanders did as he was told and took the stranger’s member into his mouth. He couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed it, especially being that he couldn’t see the man it was attached to.


The man behind the veil grabbed his head on both sides and held him tightly as he ejaculated down the back of the boy’s throat.
Elder Xanders couldn’t help but be surprised when the man forcefully slid his long thick cock down the back of his throat before depositing an impressive load directly into his young gut.
As the man withdrew from the back of the boy’s throat, cum was still shooting from the man’s cock. Xanders swallowed hard trying his best to take it all.
This requirement of his total submission was just one in many steps the Brethren had in store for Elder Xanders. Before he could even wipe his mouth, he was guided to a secret opening that lead to the Hall of the Elect.
The hall was peculiar in that it was no taller than Xanders’ waist. And he being a smaller boy, he could only imagine what it would be like for someone more substantial. He was told that in order to enter the covenant, he had to demonstrated complete obedience and willingness to serve the men of the Order. This meant getting on his hands and knees and making his way into the next room.
As he did so, he continued to lick his lips, still tasting the stranger’s load. He wanted more. He wanted to do as they commanded, knowing that his reward would be more.
Crawling through the tiny corridor, Elder Xanders came through the other side. As soon as he came through, he felt a hand caress the back of his head. When he looked up, he saw President Oaks, smiling down at him, dressed in all white.
Xanders attempted to stand, but felt the unyielding grip of the president stay firm on his head. The older man then pushed him forward, guiding him where to go. Elder Xanders followed where the man lead, still on hands and knees, eager to see what was in store.
Centered in the room was a white temple bed, practically taller than him when he knelt. President Oaks sat on the edge, facing Xanders who sat on the floor in front. From where the young boy was, he could see President Nelson in the far corner of the room.
Nelson stood tall with his arms crossed in a white suit and tie, starkly contrasting against his bronze tan and dark hair. His look was still and focused, like a guard on watch. It soon became clear to Xanders that he was there to act as witness to the ordinance, which made me both nervous and incredibly excited.
President Oaks lifted one of his feet out toward Elder Xanders, indicating he wanted the boy to wash his feet. Xanders removed the man’s slippers and socks. He knew this was a sign of respect and servitude, placing his needs above his own. He was happy to do so.
Beside the bed was a bowl of water and a cloth. With that he washed Oaks’ feet, moving from the one to the next as he had been instructed. He was incredibly attracted to President Oaks, looking up at him frequently as he proceeded. Oaks’ looks back were full of lust and enticement, driving him wild.
“Stand up,” Oaks said, interrupting his foot bath. Xanders put the cloth down and did as he was told. Oaks then brought him close, placing the boy right beside him.
The older man ran his hands up the boy’s shield, running his fingers across his bare thighs and buttocks. He continued to grope him up his back, around to his chest, and then down to his genitals. He stood behind him and he continued to fondle him, feeling the boy’s penis grow hard in his hand.
President Oaks sat back down to get a closer look at the boy’s cock. He stared longingly at the tip, teasing and tugging it before taking it briefly into his mouth. He wanted a taste of the young boy before he put him back to work.
Standing once more, the older man ordered Xanders to remove his pants. Xanders went down to his knees and rapidly grabbed at the president’s belt. Within seconds, he had the buckle undone and his pants down at his ankles. There, just an inch or two from his face, was Oaks’ powerful, hard cock, just barely covered by the sheer white of his garments.
It was so close he could smell its sweaty, manly musk.
“Take them down,” Oaks said, resting his hands on his hips and pushing his cock forward. Xanders curled his tiny fingers on the band of his shorts and quickly pulled them down to the floor. Without any hesitation, the young boy, still hungry for another load, took the man’s penis into mouth, savoring its taste as it passed his tongue.
Oaks watched as the young man worshipped his cock. He ran his tongue from the base of his balls up to the tip, eager to get every flavor. Oaks pressed his cock into his mouth hard, holding the boy’s head on him, forcing him to choke.
Elder Xanders gagged slightly, trying his best to maintain his service.
President Oaks removed his shirt and kicked away his shorts and pants. He took Xanders by the hands and led him back onto the bed. The sexy daddy leaned back, spreading his legs out, putting his cock on full display.
Xanders wanted to lean down and continue sucking, but Oaks instead gestured for him to climb on top. Xanders spread his legs over the president, straddling him and bringing the pink ring of his ass to sit right on top of the handsome older man’s engorged member.
President Oaks’ cock was still wet from his blowjob and told the young boy to ease down and take it inside him.
Xanders looked at President Nelson as he reached back for Oaks’ cock. The man’s eyes were still focused and determined, not once indicating anything other than attentiveness. Somehow it made the young boy even more eager.
Xanders took the president’s cock and rubbed it across his puckered little hole. He was so small and his ass would still be very tight, but he wanted to feel Oaks inside. He let out a whimper as the man’s cockhead pushed open his little sphincter and began to slide its way into his tiny body. With one long slow thrust, the man pushed into the boy until the man’s cockhead finally kissed the deepest furrow of the boy’s velvety anus.
The young boy was sitting down against the president’s large testicles, fully penetrated by his shaft. He let out another involuntary whimper as he began to rock back and forth along its length.
He wanted to be completely filled by the man’s cock. And even more, he wanted to have this man pump another load into his body…


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