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Elder Sorenson has privileges the other missionaries do not. Part of that is due to his beautiful face and lean physique. Part of it is due to his history with the Brethren and proving time and again that he can be counted on to take a cock. But mostly, it’s because of his recruitment record.
No missionary is as committed to or responsible for bringing in as many hungry, horny, submissive young missionaries as Elder Sorenson. And as such, the Brethren from time to time like to reward his good works.


The young man had been given permission to hold a district meeting at the home of The Brethren. He was allowed to take with him whomever he chose, and naturally, he wanted to bring along his two new favorite playmates: Elder Xanders and Elder Garrett.
Both boys were still undergoing the steps of induction into the Order and not yet ordained, but they were proving to be just as committed and capable as he was when he first joined.
Elder Sorenson couldn’t wait for the three of them to spend some time together.
As soon as they arrived at the home, the three boys couldn’t resist their urges. Without the watchful eyes of the other missionaries (and fully aware of each other’s sexual proclivities), they felt free to let loose and let their inhibitions go. They’d hardly heard the thud of their bags hit the floor before they were volleying off one another for a kiss or touch.
Elder Sorenson tugged at his tie, loosening it quickly as his lips locked with Elder Garrett. Garrett’s tied was already undone and he was on his way to unbuttoning his shirt. The energy coming off of them was electric! It had been too long since they’d last fucked and were desperate to taste each other.
Elder Xanders stood several inches below them, looking up at his taller companions, trying to squeeze himself between them like a puppy not wanting to be left out. Of course, his buddies had no intention of that happening.
Elder Sorenson was impressed–even envious–of just how adorable Elder Xanders was. His small frame and soft mouth made him an ideal candidate for the order. Not only was he submissive in spirit, but his body made him perfectly fuckable to the bigger, stronger, older men. He knew they loved feeling totally in control, and with a little guy like him, it was like they were playing with a toy.
Clothes flew off their bodies to the sound of lips smacking, arms and torsos twisting around like the strands of rope. The three boys couldn’t push themselves close enough together, it seemed, but boy did they love try.
Elder Garrett broke away from Sorenson and devoted his attention to little Xanders, giving Sorenson a show as he sat down on a nearby couch. Sorenson undressed completely, pulling out his cock to stroke himself as enjoyed the sight.
He reached his hand out to touch them, feeling their swelling crotches beneath their garments. The Garrett and Xanders kissed longer, harder, as they broke apart only to lift up their shirts and pull them over their heads.
Sorenson practically lunged in, pressing his mouth against their smooth, boyish chests. Not a single hair to be found, and pristine as freshly fall snow. It seemed wrong that his thoughts were so savage and animal for their wholesome bodies–something that only made Sorenson harder.
Elder Garrett could see the affect they were having on Sorenson, and he wanted to a show of his own. He passed Xanders off to him with the same enthusiasm that friends passes of a video game controller; as if to say “your turn.”
Xanders didn’t mind. He loved it. He knew because of his size and look that people just wanted to play with him and fuck him. He moved himself over to Sorenson and straddled his leg. He leaned in to kiss Sorenson as he felt the two boys touch him all over.
Elder Garrett ran his hands down the back of his garment bottoms, feeling his smooth, tight hole. It was more than he could handle. He was probably hornier than the two of them combined. Between seeing Sorenson’s body and Xander’s on top, he felt his balls tighten. He needed to fuck.
He lifted Xanders up and laid him down on the ottoman. Removing all of their clothes, three boys shuffled themselves on each other, naked and horny. Sorenson leaned over Xanders, crawling over him to touch him and kiss him.
With the older boy’s ass in the air, Garrett saw his chance. He licked his fingers as he’d seen the president do and ran his saliva over the head of his cock. Stepping forward, he pressed his member against the warm, tight, familiar ring of Sorenson’s hole.
Sorenson smiled as he pulled Xanders in closer. This was exactly what he wanted, and they hadn’t even been there fifteen minutes!
Garrett pushed himself forward and watches as Sorenson’s ass opened to wrap around him. As if by instinct, Sorenson took him in and clung onto him tight. Garrett moved himself back and forth, watching the two boys below him kiss deep, running their hands over each other.
All the while, he pumped his hard cock in and out of Sorenson, prepping his hole to receive the massive load he’d been saving…


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