Enrique Mudu And Brandon Ley | What Else Can You Massage? | LatinLeche

On a hot day, handsome Latino Erinque Mudu is doing groceries when the cute Brandon Ley asks him for directions to a Café. Noticing how muscular he is, Enrique invites him to his house nearby with the excuse of showing him the directions on his phone. At his place, Enrique tells his hot new friend that his back is sore, so Brandon offers him a massage. As Brandon rubs Enrique’s neck, his hands slowly move toward his host’s boner. The two are horny as fuck, so the massage soon turns into a blowjob. Brandon savors Enrique’s big dick, making him go mad and wanting more. It’s time to return the favor, so Enrique grabs Brandon’s gym-firm butt and eats it like candy. With Enrique’s tongue up his asshole, Brandon just can’t wait for his new friend to pack his meat inside of him. Enrique plows Brandon passionately, saving his load to shoot it all over Bradon’s ripped body.

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