Finn Earns It | CorbinFisher

This episode truly showcases two total young studs at their very best, and we certainly meant it when we titled this one, “Finn Earns It”! Finn works harder for the big, uncut dick that fills him up here than we’ve ever seen Finn work for a cock before – he worships Rocky’s feet, deepthroats Rocky’s cock, throws his legs in the air while Rocky fingers and plays with his hole, then sits on Rocky’s cock and bounces up and down with gymnast-like enthusiasm, athleticism, and flexibility!


We all know Rocky’s a stud through and through and can deliver a pounding like few others can, but you can see in the expressions on his face even he’s blown away but just how much of a champ Finn’s being at taking his cock here!
Eventually Rocky decides Finn’s earned himself the pounding of his young life, and gets Finn bent in half – legs in the air, toes curling in ecstasy – as Rocky pumps and thrusts his big dick into Finn’s tight hole mercilessly. Finn takes it all like a champ, loves every bit of it, and we eventually see that Rocky’s just as good at fucking massive loads out of bottoms as he is blasting out massive loads himself – a literal torrent of cums blasts out from both studs at the end of the action here!


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