Gene Allen And Clint Newman | Issue 346 | FreshMen

Gene Allen had his first appearance on the website in March this year and now we have the pleasure to bring him back to you in a more explicit video. Tony Zuko has a new role as cameraman and Gene and Clint Newton will be his first couple. The boys jump in front of Tony’s camera and immediately start making out. Tony doesn’t need to guide them, they just enjoy themselves, which is exactly what we want to see. Clint is the more experienced model today, so he takes the lead and guides Gene throughout. After mutual blowjobs, Clint dedicates some time to preparing Gene for his first bottoming experience. After Clint introduces his hard cock into Gene’s ass, we can hear Gene asking Clint to slow down. As the action continues, Gene starts to want more, sitting on Clint’s dick and riding him before shooting his load all over the sheets. Clint flips Gene on his back and fucks his ass until he cums all over his buddy.

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