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This sex soaked teen scene starts off with a bang! Slithering around on a sexy black leather couch, Grayson Lange and Devin Lewis lick, kiss, and dry hump like the horny high schoolers they are. Pretty soon that dry hump heats up and needs to be hosed down with wet, warm dick lickin’ lust. The fired up fellas take turns downing dick between deep kisses and hot handys. Never one to hold his tongue (in more ways than one) Grayson lets Lewis know exactly what he wants, which is to have his smooth pink hole eaten out good. After his tasty treat, Devin grabs Grayson’s groin and plunges his raging rod up Lange’s love hole. Devin is an amazing top; however, after eyeballing his bottom’s boner the kid wants Lange’s cock inside his hot little hole, so he hops on and goes for a raw ride. Grayson gives good dirty talk, commenting how tight the boy is while the kid’s cock slaps against his sexy six pack. Lewis looks slutty hot on all fours and Lange REALLY lays into the kid, blasting his bunghole hard while his balls slap the teen’s tight cheeks in unison. Devin grabs his swaying schlong and strokes up a hefty load of hot spunk he spreads everywhere. And his teen top just keeps on truckin’ till he looses his load all over bottom boy’s beautiful booty. With his smooth ass covered in cream, Devin turns around to thank Grayson with a well earned postcoital kiss for giving his hole exactly what it needed, and then some.

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