Grayson Works Out Dallen | CorbinFisher

Something something something… but the real workout happens once Grayson and Dallen put down the weights and start to work up a sweat with one another!


All kidding aside, having a gym around does help make for quite the hot episode. It’s nice to see the guys’ bulging muscles and ripped physiques, and lifting some weights seems to get both Grayson and Dallen primed and pumped for action. It’s one muscle in particular that Dallen’s interested in when it comes to Grayson – that big dick of his! Grayson’s packing, as we all know, and Dallen was eager to bend over and let Grayson bury that big dick in his hole.
Dallen’s moans, as he’s bent over a weight bench with his ass in the air, stay it all – Grayson’s cock is hitting all the right spots, and Dallen simply can’t get enough. Dallen can barely handle all of the overwhelming sensations as Grayson’s big cock pumps his hole and his own load starts firing out! Even after Dallen’s cum, Grayson’s still not done with him though!


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