Greyson Myles And Jack Aries | CockyBoys

Jack Aries discovers that if you’ve got a hard cock that needs attention, Greyson Myles is the guy to take care of it and be his “dirty little boy”. Greyson happens upon Jack lying back and rubbing his big bulge and when he gets the invite, he unhesitatingly goes over to kiss and suck him. It’s not long before Jack gags Greyson with his cock and finds a willing sub to dominate


Jack has some fun playing with Greyson’s hole and eating it out before he finally slides in his fat cock and goes from a slow and easy fuck to a fast & deep one in seconds. Greyson takes a hard pounding from behind and no matter how he gets it, he still wants more, virtually insisting on riding Jack’s cock. Jack still has the power though, getting Greyson to dismount, suck his cock and go right back to riding it.
As Greyson’s cock bounces on his chest, Jack can’t resist sucking it and gets more when he flips Greyson on his back not just to suck him but work over his hole. Finally, though Jack drills Greyson relentlessly, eventually fucking a load out of him and shortly after that shooting his thick load over his hole and breeding him. Jack leaves his cock inside Greyson too with a conquering smile on his face to match Greyson’s happy sub grin.


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