Harvey Bridgestone And Jordan James | Chi Chi LaRue’s Late Night Drive-In: Scene 5 | NakedSword

After cruising and following each other all over town, burly muscle fuckers Jordan James and Harvey Bridgestone have found their way into the backroom of a nearby sex shop. Almost immediately, Jordan begins to worship Harvey’s hairy pits as Harvey gets a strong whiff of the musk clinging to Jordan’s tank top. With Jordan now gobbling down his meat, Harvey is quick to cum and deliver a creamy facial to the cocksucking stranger. Drained but never finished, Harvey uses his still-hard pipe to fuck up and bareback Jordan’s ass all over the dim stockroom. Once he’s unleashed his second load and bred Jordan’s ass, the muscle bottom squats over Harvey and pushes the dripping seed into the bodybuilder’s open mouth. Then, with Harvey on his knees, the fully drained top gets his own cummy prize as Jordan jerks his big dick and busts on Harvey’s furry beard.

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