Hugo Carter And Steve Collins | Issue 377 | FreshMen

Our Christmas edition is packed with surprises. You’ve all met our rising star Hugo Carter and this year’s present from us to you is his first hardcore video. Hugo’s partner in this first part is a new face, Steve Collins, who happens to be Hugo’s partner in real life. Yes, that’s right, Hugo and Steve are a couple.
Steve wakes up with his boyfriend Hugo and as it’s Christmas day, it is time to open the presents. Dildos seem to be the trendy present this year, so after receiving exactly what they wanted, they decide to try them out. Steve and Hugo use the toys on each other until they both decide that a real dick will be much more preferable. This pair have incredible chemistry but they are also tender and passionate. They are so into each other, they don’t even notice they are being watched. They keep on going until the both errupt, shooting out loads of cum and then take a steamy bath together.

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