I Don’t Want You To Leave | Oliver Carter And Gio Carrera | FamilyDick

When Oliver sees his stepdad packing his bags, he is heartbroken and attempts to stop Gio from leaving. Gio explains things are not working out with Oliver’s mother, and it’s best if he leaves. Oliver pours his heart out to Gio and begs him to stay, thinking that if Gio goes, they’ll never see each other again. Gio consoles the twink, and the two share an intimate kiss. This kiss quickly escalates into a full-blown fuck sesh. Gio bottoms and lets his stepson fill his hole. Oliver holds nothing back and fucks Gio as hard as he can. Gio loves each thrust of his stepson’s throbbing cock inside of him. In the heat of the moment, Gio promises that despite it being over for him and Oliver’s mother, this is just the beginning for Oliver and Gio.

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