Issac Lin And Shawn Andrews | BrokeStraightBoys 

Shawn Andrews and Issac Lin get right into it as they kick off their scene with some kissing, and once they’re naked in bed together Issac is going down on Shawn and sucking that big cock.  Shawn gives Issac oral too, licking his shaft and balls as Issac moans for more of that sweet mouth.  Issac gets another good taste of Shawn’s hard prick before he shoves his own throbbing member up Shawn’s ass, letting him ride that dick bareback as he gets in deep and fucks him hard.
They give Shawn’s ass a break and make out for a minute before Issac turns over onto his stomach and Shawn rims his ass before he puts his long dick inside of Issac.  Shawn fucks Issac raw, fitting every inch of his cock in Issac’s tight hole as he slams into him, pounding him and making that ass bounce with each thrust.  They flip again and Shawn gets fucked by Issac while he plays with himself, taking that cock before he’s on his back again getting his ass stretched by Shawn’s fat dick.  Issac strokes his hard cock while Shawn is buried inside him, jerking it until he cums and then Issac lets Shawn bust a nut on top of him!

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