Jack Ganley And Bastian Karimm | RandyBlue

Jack Ganley is jerking off to porn on his phone. But he is being watched. By Bastian Karim. This dude walked in and saw Jack jerking it. But he was too shy to say anything. And he was too turned on to move. Jack turns his head and sees Bastian staring at his large engorged cock. Although startled at first, he tells Bastian to come in. Bastian immediately jumps on the bed and starts to kiss Jack. They makeup and Bastian goes down on him. He sucks his cock. He deep throats it as best he can. Then Jack decides to show him how he likes his dick to get sucked. He pulls off Bastian’s underwear and takes his uncut dick in his mouth. He sucks it down and goes down to the base. Jack can taste the pre cum dripping from Batian’s wet cock. Then he flips Bastian over and starts to play with his ass. It gets Jack so hard that he has to shove it in right then and there. He barebacks Bastian hard and fast. He gets him in a missionary position, and Jack fucks the cum out of Bastian. Then Jack pulls out and nuts all over Batian’s smooth belly.

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