Jack Hunter And Cade Maddox | BAREBACK In Las Vegas | JasonSparksLive

Jack Hunter is back! Lured by the opportunity to appear with the very tall and super sexy Cade Maddox – when the Jason Sparks Nationwide Tour was recently in Las Vegas, Jack and Cade got together and the result is this majestic fuck.
On his knees with his hands tickling Jack’s balls – Cade’s mouth slides up and down Jack’s big dick. Jack’s breath is heavy with the intense pleasure he receives. He lies Cade down and wraps his talented lips around Cade’s similarly large cock.
Cade flips Jack and his tongue delves into Jack’s hole – it’s lubed with spit and ready to receive Cade’s raw cock.
The sight of these two god like specimens of men fucking each other is enough to make you cum from the merest recall of the sight. They switch up the positions until Jack can no longer stand it and blows his load all over his sculpted abs while Cade is pounding his ass. They kiss as passionately as they began. Anyone got a cigarette?

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