Jack Miles Tops Alex Hawk RAW | GuyBone

I had one wild request for Jack and Alex – fuck in a stairwell. That’s all. Do any positions you like, take as long as you want, just give me all that bareback action in a stairwell. Too many times I feel stuck in a bedroom. It’s nice to branch out once in a while when you have chill guys willing to try new things. One of my fondest filming memories was in a closet with Ruckus Tops Jacob. Because why not? Jack and Alex got half way up the stairs before turning and beginning to kiss one another. Tops came off and junk got rubbed through their bottoms.


This stairwell was about to get very steamy. And we were all ready. So ready, they ended up with an extra 15 minutes of footage. That’s more fuck for your buck! Alex undid Jack’s belt and dropped his jeans to the floor. His str8 sk8r cock was already plumping up inside his boxer briefs and Alex was decidedly ready to taste it. He freed the uncut beast and plopped it into his mouth. He took a seat on the steps so he could tongue bathe Jack’s hefty ballsack. Jack exhaled his enthusiasm as Alex sucked on his schlong. Jack helped Alex out of his undies and tucked his own throbbing cock between the bottom’s thighs. He stroked Alex’s dick until it was also thick and firm, sliding his erection around between his legs, grazing his hairy taint with his stiff prick. Jack knelt and took Alex’s impressive hardon in his mouth. For a straight boy, Jack sure looks like he knows how to service shaft. He teased the head, toyed with the veiny, pink shaft, and played with Alex’s balls. Alex whimpered and groaned in satisfaction. They stood before each other and jerked the other one’s boner. Their hard cocks rubbed against each other and Jack even dry humped Alex’s ass, getting himself even harder. Alex sucked him again, because wouldn’t you? His dick looked huge as ever, raging outward from his thin, hairy torso, disappearing down Alex’s talented throat. Next, Jack had Alex bent over the stairs, his furry ass spread open and aimed right at the sk8r’s bearded mug. Jack dove in, tongue first, and rimmed Alex’s adorable ass. Alex gave Jack a reach-under, tugging at his cock and thumbing the precum out of his piss slit while getting his hole eaten by his straight costar. Jack seemed to enjoy the taste of warm, wet hole. He rimmed Alex sufficiently well, his cock throbbing all the while, and then switched positions so Alex could blow him from below. Alex lapped at his tight balls and in this stance, I could see just a peek of Jack’s forbidden asshole. Fuck. To someday see that get used. Until that day, Alex would have to settle for being the only bottom in the scene, and he was so incredibly ready. He straddled Jack’s lap, allowing Jack to ease his SPUNK lubed cock inside him. They both vocally confirmed his entry and as Alex began bouncing on his giant-sized dick in reverse cowboy, I knew this was going to be a wild stairwell ride! When Alex wasn’t riding, Jack was thrusting up into him from his carpeted seat. Things started to heat up and they both glistened in the tiny stairwell. They stood up together, one connected body, Jack’s cock never leaving Alex’s ass, and began fucking against the wall. I climbed underneath them and beheld the spectacle that was their raw sex. Jack’s fat cock fit neatly and tightly into Alex’s hairy hole. He buried his bone balls deep and screwed away. Alex’s tight hole occasionally pushed him out and he had to reenter, but it was always worth it to hear Alex clamor for his cock again like it was the first time. Alex was splayed out against the wall, letting Jack pound his ass from behind in standing doggy. Jack railed his hole, destroying it with his mammoth manhood. He’d loosened up enough now to give himself completely to Jack, and Jack took every bit of him. Their bodies were in sync now and both exclaimed their enjoyment. They took a seat again, clearly enjoying the freedom to fuck this position allowed. Jack worked his aching cock deep into Alex’s unshaven underside. The toned bottom jerked his own dick as his ass got owned and Jack pumped harder and faster than ever, rubbing his fingers across Alex’s nuts at the same time. Jack looked fucking great wearing a snapback, and I don’t think Alex nor I could keep our eyes off his dashing face, sparkling eyes, and hatted head. Totally naked to the world save for a backwards cap. If that’s not str8 sk8r boy, I don’t know what is. Suddenly, they were back in doggy style, this time with Jack standing, fucking Alex as he bent over on the staircase. Jack’s hairy legs danced back and forth as he fucked Alex’s ass with his big boner. His balls pulled tight against his groin and his shaft was hard as rock. They both wailed their approval as they screwed. Jack’s dick pulled at Alex’s hairy asshole as it fucked it. They were really working now, fucking like bunnies, as they say. Alex was getting the stuffing of his life. I could tell Jack was nearing the edge of climax, the way he carried himself. He was reaching his breaking point. He wanted to cum bad, it was so evident. He hammered that hole as hard as he could but wouldn’t be rewarded with sweet ecstasy until he got Alex on his back in missionary. He fucked him hard and then pulled out and jerked feverishly until he was ready to shoot. He came a perfect load all over Alex’s hole, taint, and balls. His cum dripped down his costar’s body and he leaned back against the wall and continued beating his meat. I thought he might cum a second time, but he never did. Alex was ready now, however. He blasted a ribbon of jizz up his furry abs before releasing his dick to Jack who was waiting to milk the last drops of cum out of it and also rub the ribbon into his happy trail. Both boys had blown their loads. Both guys had given the stairwell scene their all. And both men had made me extremely happy … and horny!


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