Jacob Lord And Ridick | Plumber’s Big Tool | MenAtPlay

Today, while having his morning coffee at home, Ridick can’t help but feel down when he hears his co-workers calling him a loser in his head. Rude behavior at the office can be a way for colleagues to display power, try to get their way, or provoke a reaction. And it seems to be working.


While unsuccessfully trying to stay positive, Ridick hears the doorbell ring and finds Jacob Lord, the building plumber, who’s come to fix the sink. Ridick can’t be late for work and anxiously watches Jacob work, asking him to hurry.
When Ridick turns on the faucet at the plumber’s request and gets him wet, Jacob takes it out on him. But the suited Czech stud has had enough verbal abuse and grabs the plumber by his blue cotton coveralls. The two studs make out and start playing in the kitchen.
A blowjob and ass-rimming by Jacob leads to Ridick taking the plumber’s big tool raw until he shoots his load while riding the hairy stud.


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