James Huck And Diego Falco | RandyBlue

James Suck comes up to Diego Falco while he’s smoking. James is a bold mother fucker. He grabs Diego’s crotch. Diego is receptive. He puts out his cigarette and gives James a kiss. They take this to the bed room. On the bed they start to make out and remove all of their clothes. These two European studs are hot as fuck. Both are smooth with no tattoos and Diego is ripped as fuck. Diego pulls out James’ uncut cock and sees how enormous it is. He puts in in his mouth and proceeds to suck the hell out of it. For a gay 4 pay stud, Diego sure knows how to suck a cock. James gets harder and harder as he keeps getting his cock played with. Then James returns the favor and pulls out Diego’s dick. He lays Diego back and sucks on him nice and slow. His slobber gets the dick all wet. As James stands up, Kevin sucks on James’ dick some more to get it nice and lubed up for his ass. Then James turns Diego around doggie style and slides his dick in. They bareback doggie so hard that Diego ends up face down on the bed with James directly on top of him pounding into him. Then James sits back and lets Diego ride his cock. He does this til James pulls out and comes. Then Diego jumps to James’ face and nuts on him giving him a hot facial.

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