Jared Marzdon And Rick Hazard | BrokeStraightBoys

Jared Marzdon used to be afraid to bottom, but now this sexy likes getting fucked and that’s just fine with Rick Hazard who’s ready to give his huge cock a good workout! These guys start with some kisses and soon they’re on the bed, making out hard as Jared explores Rick’s body with his tongue and finds his way to that big dick, taking it in his wet mouth and sucking it hard.
Rick’s cock gets fat and hard but that doesn’t stop Jared from deepthroating it before he lets Rick give him some oral in return. Jared goes back for more of Rick’s prick as Rick plays with Jared’s tight hole and then pulls him to the end of the bed and sticks his cock in it. Rick takes it easy for a minute but once he feels Jared’s tight ass around his dick he can’t hold back too long as he fucks him harder and faster, filling him up with his bareback shaft as Jared grips the sheets and takes that dick. Rick climbs on the bed with Jared and lets him ride that cock raw before getting behind him and pounding Jared doggy style until he fucks the cum right out and him and pulls out to shoot his load next!

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