Jason Smith And Bastien Karim | UKNakedMen

Hold onto your hats gents, guess what we were doing on the very explosive Bastille Day – in France? We were hooting with not just the stunningly handsome, cute-as-a-button -Bastien Karim but we were also discovering the manyfold delights of JASON SMITH, and thats not an accidental caps lock, get a load (oh I wish) of Jason. He’s sexy, beautiful smile, great ripped body and then lets move this description down town – look at the size of his dick!? Bastion is a greedy, hungry bottom boy but even his eyes were out on stalks when this monster meat was unveiled, that cock actually dwarfs little Bastien. Our handsome bottom lad does his best swallowing that monster meat but it like watching a python swallow a goat, the poor lad had lock-jaw! Luckily he’s so incredibly turned on after licking and sucking and circumnavigating the foreskin and delicious head of Jason’s dick that his arse was good and ready for a lengthy, girthy, bareback dick. Jason’s a gentleman and let his sub lad straddle and ride that donkey dick until his tight hole is good and sodden, then this sexy stallion is slam fucking his raw, creamy hole for all he’s worth!

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