Jed Munroe And Gabriel Phoenix | BlakeMason

When we saw smooth and sexy young Jed for the first time we knew he had to be teamed up with someone a little more rough and rampant. Gabriel was the perfect choice. It seems Jed agrees, he wastes no time before he’s sucking on the hairy hunk’s long and throbbing cock! With Gabriel turning his attention to that perfect arse we instantly know from the position Jed is in that he’s a dancer. He gives Gabriel full access to his tight hole, his legs wide so Gabriel can dig in deep. It’s even more impressive when Jed is standing and Gabriel is pounding away. The riding is amazing too, with Jed getting piston fucked from below, then on his back until his cum is gushing out over himself. It goes without saying that after an amazing fuck like that bearded hunk Gabriel has built up quite an immense load to wank out over the new boy! Yeah, these two definitely had fun!

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