Johannes Lars And Robert Eldrich | Johannes Returns To Bottom | BlakeMason

We’re not sure where slim British lad Johannes has been for the last 7 years but we’re all glad to see him and his pale pink arse back for more fun! You know who else is glad to see him? Sexy new arrival Robert! The two are enjoying a smooch but from the start Robert is playing with that pucker and with both big cocks properly sucked and slurped Robert makes a meal out of his new bottom buddy. His rimming is long and intense, but Johannes needs to be opened up properly for that big boner. Johannes lubes up and slides in, fucking his new friend from behind before Johannes impales his pucker on his pal for a good ride. I’m not sure what’s better, the fact Robert turned out to be such a good top or the return of eager Johannes. It’s clear this lad hasn’t lost any of his passion for dick over the last 7 years and Robert really delivers a great pounding. Their leaping cum loads make for a prefect finish.

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