Jordan Starr And Nando Vasquez | RandyBlue

Nando Vasquez makes his Randy Blue debut with Jordan Starr, who definitely fits the type of top Nando likes. He starts to find this out as they make out passionately, just as Jordan finds out that Nando loves a thick dick by how he virtually welds his mouth to Jordan’s cock. And when Jordan starts to play with Nando’s ass eat out his hole, he can see he’s got a lively and vocal bottom on his hands.


Jordan puts Nando in a state of sexual bliss merely by eating him out and further taking control by flipping him on his back to rim him more and suck him. Nando is still hungry for his cock and gets it as Jordan face-fucks and feeds his open mouth. Finally though, after a little more ass-eating, Jordan gives Nando what he’s been waiting for: cock in his spit-lubed hole.
Jordan gets on top and drills Nando to the bed and sees he almost has no limits and actually loves it when Jordan fucks him from the side. Nando then shows off his power bottom energy by riding Jordan non-stop until he shoots a thick, volcanic load that just keeps erupting. Far from being wiped out, Nando is ready with an open mouth as Jordan cums. And he still looks like he could go for more!


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