Juan Carlos And Dylan Drive | CollegeDudes

After Juan Carlos and Dylan Drive spend a few minutes making out with each other, Juan gets quite the surprise when he gets on his knees and frees Dylan’s hard cock from his pants! His dick springs to attention and Juan takes it in his mouth, sucking Dylan’s shaft and balls and then standing up and letting Dylan get a taste of him next. Dylan leans forward and captures Juan’s prick between his soft lips, taking that cock deep down his throat as he gets Juan hard and then lies back on the bed, waiting for that ass.
Juan sits his tight hole on Dylan’s member but it takes him some time to stuff that massive cock in his ass, taking it nice and slow as his ass stretches around Dylan’s fat dick. When it’s all the way he rides it, taking every inch of that impressive cock up his ass while he bounces up and down on Dylan’s lap until they switch position and Dylan spreads Juan’s legs and buries his dick between them while Juan plays with himself. Dylan gets balls deep in that hole, fucking Juan until both guys are stroking out a huge load of cum!

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