Justin Dean And Ashton Taylor | BrokeStraightBoys

Ashton Taylor and Justin Dean have better things to do with their mouths than make small talk, so these guys get right to it, locking lips and making out. When Justin loses his clothes, Ashton’s lips find their way to that big dick and he sucks it, running his tongue up Justin’s shaft and then kneeling on the bed and letting Justin get a good taste of his meat next. Justin deepthroats Ashton’s prick while Ashton reaches around to tease Justin’s ass with his finger before getting behind him and filling that ass up with his bareback cock!
As Ashton pushes his dick balls deep into Justin’s hole, Justin grabs his own member and strokes it while he gets fucked from behind. Ashton crawls onto the bed behind Justin and gives it to him, pounding him hard and then flipping Justin onto his back and holding his legs apart while he fucks him raw. Justin strokes his cock as he takes Ashton’s dick, loving every inch of that long shaft up his ass until he shoots his load and Ashton pulls out and cums everywhere!

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