Karel Omanak And Tomas Fuk RAW | RAUNCHY | Str8Hell

Karel Omanak is one sexy guy and his ass gets a good pounding by Tomas Fuk in this raunchy duo. Karel is hooded and tied in a chair at the start. He is trying to release himself, but to no avail. Tomas watches from the doorway, enjoying Karel’t travails. Then he walks into the room and begins to feel Karel’s chest. Tomas slaps on Karel’s chest and reaches down to his groin. He grabs at the cock and balls and Karel’s dick gets hard very quickly. Then Tomas uses his whip on that sexy body. Tomas has a number of toys available and uses one to give little shocks on Karel’s chest and nipples. Karel writhes around, moaning, as he feels what is happening. Then his gag is removed a Tomas pulls out his stiff cock. That cock is pushed into Karel’s mouth for sucking. That sexy mouth gets a good taste of cock as Tomas fucks it with his throbbing dick. Then he unties Karel and stands behind his sexy ass, to slide his dick deep inside. He fucks that tight little hole so deep and very hard, pulling Karel’s head back by the hair. Tomas’ cock really pounds that ass, banging it as hard as he can. He turns Karel onto his back and continues to fuck him deep and hard. Karel wanks himself as he takes as much dick as he can get. He keeps wanking his cock and soon shoots his cum all over his thigh as Tomas keeps banging away at his ass. Then Tomas pulls out and shoots his creamy load onto Karel’s thigh too.

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