Kirk Gauguin And Jorik Tautou | BelAmi

Under normal circumstances, a cute, young guy hanging around the main train station would definitely mean only one thing, today it just means that Kirk is running late to meet young Jorik on his trip in from his hometown. After exploring the sites of the ‘shortcut’ home we are treated to some hot twink-on-twink action (that is if Kirk still counts as a twink!)
Jorik’s innocent looks certainly belie the fact that his hormones are definitely in control of his body and he is always keen to take advantage of every chance to have sex. For our FM members, this will not be the first time that we have seen this hot couple together, but we think that the extra 2 years of experience Jorik has had since then, has made him a more voracious lover, and this a bit better scene. As with last time, Jorik is bottoming for Kirk and has no problem bouncing up and down on the full length of Kirk’s big dick, and his thick and creamy load certainly is proof of his appreciation.

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